Just like every other treatment plans, Acupuncture can lead to some adverse side effects. “Acupuncture Gone Wrong,” is a common phrase used by many individual who research to know the harmful side effects of Acupuncture.

If you are willing to understand these side effects, this article titled “Acupuncture Gone Wrong: Side effect that you should know about” will give explicit detail to that.

First, we would gain a full detail to the effects; then we will understand if Acupuncture is effective.

Later, we will move to peer into a few acupuncture reviews, Acupuncture legit, and finally, relevant acupuncture facts. But for a start, let’s begin with Acupuncture Gone wrong: Side effects that you should know.

Acupuncture Gone Wrong: Side Effect That You Should Know About

Acupuncture Gone Wrong – 6 Common Side Effects That You Should Know

Well, there are less pleasant side effects of Acupuncture that are common today. Although it should be noted that these side effects aren’t regular, they are very rear.

Occasionally, they do happen. In addition to these, note that these side effects that I will bring to your notice aren’t life-threatening, yet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about them, yet they aren’t something to be deeply worried about.

Yes, even if you’ve used the word “Acupuncture Gone wrong,” this subheading will present six of the adverse side effects of Acupuncture for clarifications.


After Acupuncture, patients might experience a drop in their energy level. But that shouldn’t be a cause for concern; what the body system is telling you is that you’d need to rest.

So, days after Acupuncture should be meant for rest. To ease quick relief, bath that night, then, hit the bed very early. When that is done consistently, withing days, you will be fine. You may not experience the case of ‘Acupuncture Gone Wrong’.


Body parts where the acupuncture needles are used will experience soreness. This frequently happens in patients hands and feet where it’s located.

Additionally, many patients experience muscle soreness from the areas where needles were used. But whatever the case may be, Soreness, as one of the side effects, takes only 24 hours maximum. It must be known that if the trigger to the soreness is a big one, then, it might last a few days.


Just like soreness, bruising can also happen or occur at the site where the needling takes place, but it isn’t common.

Acupuncture Gone Wrong - 6 Common Side Effects That You Should Know

It happens for a few reasons, and some of the reasons could be due to a localized accumulation of blood when the needle puncturing was initiated. When bruises occur, it lasts for days. Thus, some patients might bruise for reasons unknown, but regardless, they aren’t a thing to worry about.

Muscle Twitching

For some patients who come for Acupuncture, no matter how careful the needle is placed or where they are placed, they can’t escape twitching of the muscles.

The twitching could occur either while the Acupuncture was going on or after its been done. For some, the twitching can be where the needles are placed, or it could be the surrounding, far away from the needles.

Well, be on the know that Acupuncture is different from full-on muscle spasm. If you develop that after your session, then don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.


Well, unlike the previously mentioned acupuncture side effects, this occurs rarely. This lightheadedness though, can lead to fainting.

The way a patient stands up quickly from the table could lead to that, or maybe due to an empty stomach. Thus, in your best interest, don’t hesitate to eat well before your session.

When your session is over, stand up gently, if you have the feeling of lightheadedness, take your time and sit calmly in a waiting room.

Emotional Release

It could happen that you’ve heard people say, “I cried when my session was on,” and you say, “Acupuncture Gone Wrong.”

Well, that shouldn’t be a reason for alarm. Why? Crying from Acupuncture doesn’t result from pain but emotions.

Since Acupuncture is a positive experience, you would likely undergo some release of emotion. And if you are more emotional, be set for more trigger.

These could last for days, but don’t mistake them for anomalies. They are entirely normal and should be expected.

Having checked what many termed as “acupuncture gone wrong,” let’s examine how effective the treatment is.

Is Acupuncture Effective?

If you are reading on Acupuncture for the first time or you’ve never undergone one, it might be a little bit challenging to understand the concept behind this. Even though this subheading isn’t diving into every detail about Acupuncture, a few points on its effectiveness will assist you in drawing a reasonable conclusion. 

Millions of Americans today are turning to this treatment plan for their solution of pain, occasional allergies, skin health care, and other forms of health care that need medical attention. Will people who have benefited from its usage answer that Acupuncture effective, if asked? 

Contrary to it being a fad, Acupuncture hails from China, known as an ancient Practices, then, it gains prominence in Korea, Japan, and has found its way in the west. Therefore, what’s boosting this? 

In a recent study completed by National Institutes of Health, it was reported that from about 30% of individuals who had chronic pains, upon the use of Acupuncture, they experience sound improvements, and thus they could refer to that as sound evidence that Acupuncture is genuinely useful.

And this, it can be used to relieve pain which includes arthritis and migraines.  Also, there is evidence that shows that Acupuncture can also assist in solving fertility issue, help in reducing insomnia, and stress balancing.

Surely, all those needles used aren’t just for fun; they are working their best. And with that, anyone who’s interested in trying it out can be assured of positive results. And these aren’t to be compared with the so-called “acupuncture gone wrong” that many claims today.

Acupuncture Reviews

Since Acupuncture isn’t just new to millions of individuals today, many medical field and communities are generally in acceptance of the concept. Take, for instance, in one of the acupuncture reviews published; it was noted that nearly 3.5 million Americans admit that they had and were administered by an acupuncturist last year. 

Even though myths are surrounding the use of these treatments today, there is no magic in any of its practices. The real idea is working to activate the body’s ability to heal its self. Which means, the primary goal of Acupuncture is self-healing.

Yes, as noted by Paul Magarelli, who is a clinical professor at California’s Yo San University, he says, our body can heal by itself, and since we aren’t animals that depend on drugs, then, Acupuncture is the way out to get the best benefit.

However, if with these positive reviews you are contemplating on giving Acupuncture a trial, it might be useful to know that it mustn’t be done alongside medications so that it won’t lead to exclaiming “acupuncture gone wrong.”

Doing that might lead you to encounter the risk of infection, chronic skin problem, or other issues. Thus, to have successful sessions speak of your concern to your doctor, and they will lead you through even in the way you may have never thought of.

Is Acupuncture Legit?

If you read the above and you still wonder if Acupuncture is legit, then this subheading is to convince you further that there are good reasons why you must pursue the use of this treatment plan. But there is a caution! 

As we have genuine and legit Acupuncture, we also have fake Acupuncture. For the fake Acupuncture, after users may have undergone the session, they will still be required to take pills, that is, pain relief to relieve them of the pain. So you might wonder?

Why consider Acupuncture or is Acupuncture legit? Well, in sharp contrast to the fake acupuncture, the real Acupuncture or legit Acupuncture doesn’t need extra pain relief or medication.

That means before you head out for your treatment, you should carry out thorough research so you can identify a right acupuncturist that will administer only the legit Acupuncture.

Acupuncture Facts

“Finally on Acupuncture gone wrong: Side effects of Acupuncture,” your understanding of this wouldn’t be complete if you aren’t abreast with Acupuncture facts that exist today.

Therefore, let me take you by hand through some of the widely acceptable acupuncture facts that exist.

  • Acupuncture doesn’t hurt. 
  • During an acupuncture session, an acupuncturist feels your tongue to help gain needed information about your state of health and design a course of treatment. 
  • Acupuncture is highly individualized.
  • The original acupuncture needles weren’t made of stainless steel, but of bone, bamboo and stone. 
  • Today’s needles used are beautiful in diameter. They are disposable and sterile.
  • Any acupuncturist that is licensed must have attended a comprehensive 3-4 year graduate program and complete more than 2000+ clinical internship hours. To retain their license, they must be involved in progressive education. 
  • There are many styles and sub-styles within the practice of Acupuncture.
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