Around the globe, many folks are plagued with back pain, headache, post-operative nausea, fibromyalgia, and several other ailments. If you’ve sometimes turned to doctors and nurses to use some pain reliefs, you’ve done pretty well. At least it shows that you genuinely appreciate life and you don’t want to toil with your health. But how would you respond if told of an alternative that can save you not just a whole lot of money, but will help you to find substantial relief with no hint of fear that your condition will return within a short time? Even though there are trustworthy alternative medicine treatments, this post is only going to feature Auricular Acupuncture, which is one of the significant alternatives to medicine that has been employed around to the globe for those suffering from several ailments.

Auricular Acupuncture – Treatments, Theory, And Resources
Auricular Acupuncture

But, what exactly is Auricular Acupuncture? It is an alternative medicine treatment option that is based on stimulating several points of the body, usually, with needles to relieve pain or treat other physical, emotional, and mental condition. Auriculotherapy is indeed not a new concept, so you don’t have to develop the fear of being used as a sample to test its efficiency.  Each year, millions of Americans use Auricular Acupuncture. It’s been on for many decades, springing up from the 1970s, many have attested to its effectiveness and how rewarding it is to use it for their condition. As an intelligent individual, you might be willing to know the treatment options, theories, and resources that are governing the use of this alternative. That is what this post is aimed at accomplishing.

Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

This part is only going to highlight the conditions that will be treated by applying auricular acupuncture techniques. Seven categories of ailments that auriculotherapy has successfully been used in treating will be highlighted.

  1. Infectious Disease. In treating infectious disease, the function of auricular Acupuncture is to help reduce pain and swelling. Some of them include ear infection, bladder infection, postulation, pelvic inflammatory disease, bell’s palsy, pharyngitis, and others.
  2. Allergic Disease. What auriculotherapy accomplishes is to have an anti-inflammatory effect and to stimulate the immune system to reduce allergic responses. These conditions include colitis, rheumatoid fever, purpura, asthma, allergic sinusitis, and allergies.
  3. Epidemic Disease. Auriculotherapy treats conditions under this category. They include whooping cough, lung tuberculosis, dysentery, fever, and influenza.
  4. Various Painful Diseases. As highlighted at the onset, auriculotherapy has continuous and powerful aid to stop pains in the body that develop as a result of some condition. In using auriculotherapy to relieve aches, needles are inserted. Illnesses that can be reduced with the use of auriculotherapy include: Pain emanating from trauma, pain emanating from infections, pain emanating from a nerve disorder, pain springs up after surgery, and anxiety originating from tumors. These pains include and not limited to headache, scar tissues, nerve pain, migraine, herpes zoster, mastitis, appendicitis, burns, dislocations, broken bones, and sprained tendons.
  5. Functional Disorder. The function of auriculotherapy here is to regulate the body’s functioning system. This is being accomplished by treating conditions like irregular heartbeat, sexual dysfunction, neurasthenia, irregular mensuration, neurasthenia, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  6. Chronic Diseases. There are some diseases like low back pain, indigestion, numbness of the extremities, frozen shoulder, leg pain, and others that auriculotherapy will help in reliving a person from the resultant pain.
  7. Wellness Care. Auriculotherapy can not only treat conditions, but it also can prevent diseases. For example, it can avoid anesthesia; it can be used to relieve labor pain and to shorten labor period, weight management, substance abuse detoxification, smoking cessation, and motion sickness.

Theory Surrounding the Application of Auricular Acupuncture

Though succinct, this part will briefly highlight some of the theories surrounding the application of these treatment options, and it will take us a little back into the history of auriculotherapy. Let’s examine that as you develop solid conviction on using auriculotherapy as an alternative to medical treatment.

Theory Surrounding the Application of Auricular Acupuncture

The procedure of this alternative treatment includes the insertion of five, tiny, fine, and sterilized needles under the surface of the skin on some specific part in the outer ear. In this procedure, there is no application of electrical stimulation. What is required of patients? Sit calmly and gently in a group setting for 30-45 minutes. These five points that are being used are the standard point of treatment for both anxiety management and abuse of drugs. The use of auriculotherapy has proven not only practical but cost-effective and can well combine with cultures across the country.

For centuries, the Chinese have been using needles in strategic locations on the body to relieve pain and disease. But in 1972, a neurosurgeon from Hong Kong came to an outstanding discovery that auriculotherapy can be used in alleviating the symptoms of drug withdrawal, and further, it was used for relapse protection and detoxification.

Furthermore, in the USA, Acudetox was initially introduced to an outpatient in the year 1974, in New York City. In just a few years after, precisely in the 1980s, there was a record of success for this procedure. To the point that both alcohol and drug treatment facilities all over the USA started incorporating auriculotherapy into their treatment programs.

Additionally, after five years, there was an establishment of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.  This was done to promote and enhance both education and training of several physicians and clinicians in their use of Acudetox via the NADA ear acupuncture protocol. Even though NADA is a non-profit firm, they’ve taken up the responsibility to grant people with training and education on the correct use of auriculotherapy as an accurate alternative in use for both mental disorders and several mental conditions. From that time onward, there have been several applications of auriculotherapy in treating ailments. But what has been the results and outputs?

It has been proven successful in both clinical settings and under controlled experimental conditions. The output got from a 12 months’ acupuncture detoxification program that was carried out in Portland, Oregon and a blind study of auriculotherapy treatment with chronic alcoholics in Hennepin County, Minnesota gives convincing evidence. For instance, it was validated that more than 70% of those who were treated using auriculotherapy completed their detoxification compared to those who didn’t. Interesting to note is that there are no pronounced side effects from its use. So patients who are potential users of auriculotherapy will experience reduced symptoms of inconvenience, and they will have improved sleep quality.

Auricular Acupuncture Resources

There are several resources – actions or strategy that is being adopted in using auricular Acupuncture in treating some conditions. As reveal by NADA, one of the fundamental proponents of auricular Acupuncture is that people who undergo this type of treatment as an alternative treatment plan enjoy several benefits. And from these benefits, we can understand several resources available for this strategy.

For instance, it says it offers counseling, education, mutual support group inclusion, supportive medical health care, and more coordinated attitude that lies toward the process of recovery as well as limited cravings, and deep solution and reduce the need for pharmaceuticals.

Summarily, there is no doubt that auriculotherapy is indeed a reliable alternative treatment for any condition highlighted above. Living in the United States, you can enjoy the benefit of undergoing this rigorous and successful form of treatment. Living outside the United States, you can research for centers where auriculotherapy is being carried out.


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