Acupuncture Gone Wrong: Side Effects That You Should Know About

Just like every other treatment plans, Acupuncture can lead to some adverse side effects. “Acupuncture Gone Wrong,” is a common phrase used by many individual who research to know the harmful side effects of Acupuncture.

If you are willing to understand these side effects, this article titled “Acupuncture Gone Wrong: Side effect that you should know about” will give explicit detail to that.

First, we would gain a full detail to the effects; then we will understand if Acupuncture is effective.

Later, we will move to peer into a few acupuncture reviews, Acupuncture legit, and finally, relevant acupuncture facts. But for a start, let’s begin with Acupuncture Gone wrong: Side effects that you should know.

Acupuncture Gone Wrong: Side Effect That You Should Know About

Acupuncture Gone Wrong – 6 Common Side Effects That You Should Know

Well, there are less pleasant side effects of Acupuncture that are common today. Although it should be noted that these side effects aren’t regular, they are very rear.

Occasionally, they do happen. In addition to these, note that these side effects that I will bring to your notice aren’t life-threatening, yet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about them, yet they aren’t something to be deeply worried about.

Yes, even if you’ve used the word “Acupuncture Gone wrong,” this subheading will present six of the adverse side effects of Acupuncture for clarifications.


After Acupuncture, patients might experience a drop in their energy level. But that shouldn’t be a cause for concern; what the body system is telling you is that you’d need to rest.

So, days after Acupuncture should be meant for rest. To ease quick relief, bath that night, then, hit the bed very early. When that is done consistently, withing days, you will be fine. You may not experience the case of ‘Acupuncture Gone Wrong’.


Body parts where the acupuncture needles are used will experience soreness. This frequently happens in patients hands and feet where it’s located.

Additionally, many patients experience muscle soreness from the areas where needles were used. But whatever the case may be, Soreness, as one of the side effects, takes only 24 hours maximum. It must be known that if the trigger to the soreness is a big one, then, it might last a few days.


Just like soreness, bruising can also happen or occur at the site where the needling takes place, but it isn’t common.

Acupuncture Gone Wrong - 6 Common Side Effects That You Should Know

It happens for a few reasons, and some of the reasons could be due to a localized accumulation of blood when the needle puncturing was initiated. When bruises occur, it lasts for days. Thus, some patients might bruise for reasons unknown, but regardless, they aren’t a thing to worry about.

Muscle Twitching

For some patients who come for Acupuncture, no matter how careful the needle is placed or where they are placed, they can’t escape twitching of the muscles.

The twitching could occur either while the Acupuncture was going on or after its been done. For some, the twitching can be where the needles are placed, or it could be the surrounding, far away from the needles.

Well, be on the know that Acupuncture is different from full-on muscle spasm. If you develop that after your session, then don’t hesitate to visit your doctor.


Well, unlike the previously mentioned acupuncture side effects, this occurs rarely. This lightheadedness though, can lead to fainting.

The way a patient stands up quickly from the table could lead to that, or maybe due to an empty stomach. Thus, in your best interest, don’t hesitate to eat well before your session.

When your session is over, stand up gently, if you have the feeling of lightheadedness, take your time and sit calmly in a waiting room.

Emotional Release

It could happen that you’ve heard people say, “I cried when my session was on,” and you say, “Acupuncture Gone Wrong.”

Well, that shouldn’t be a reason for alarm. Why? Crying from Acupuncture doesn’t result from pain but emotions.

Since Acupuncture is a positive experience, you would likely undergo some release of emotion. And if you are more emotional, be set for more trigger.

These could last for days, but don’t mistake them for anomalies. They are entirely normal and should be expected.

Having checked what many termed as “acupuncture gone wrong,” let’s examine how effective the treatment is.

Is Acupuncture Effective?

If you are reading on Acupuncture for the first time or you’ve never undergone one, it might be a little bit challenging to understand the concept behind this. Even though this subheading isn’t diving into every detail about Acupuncture, a few points on its effectiveness will assist you in drawing a reasonable conclusion. 

Millions of Americans today are turning to this treatment plan for their solution of pain, occasional allergies, skin health care, and other forms of health care that need medical attention. Will people who have benefited from its usage answer that Acupuncture effective, if asked? 

Contrary to it being a fad, Acupuncture hails from China, known as an ancient Practices, then, it gains prominence in Korea, Japan, and has found its way in the west. Therefore, what’s boosting this? 

In a recent study completed by National Institutes of Health, it was reported that from about 30% of individuals who had chronic pains, upon the use of Acupuncture, they experience sound improvements, and thus they could refer to that as sound evidence that Acupuncture is genuinely useful.

And this, it can be used to relieve pain which includes arthritis and migraines.  Also, there is evidence that shows that Acupuncture can also assist in solving fertility issue, help in reducing insomnia, and stress balancing.

Surely, all those needles used aren’t just for fun; they are working their best. And with that, anyone who’s interested in trying it out can be assured of positive results. And these aren’t to be compared with the so-called “acupuncture gone wrong” that many claims today.

Acupuncture Reviews

Since Acupuncture isn’t just new to millions of individuals today, many medical field and communities are generally in acceptance of the concept. Take, for instance, in one of the acupuncture reviews published; it was noted that nearly 3.5 million Americans admit that they had and were administered by an acupuncturist last year. 

Even though myths are surrounding the use of these treatments today, there is no magic in any of its practices. The real idea is working to activate the body’s ability to heal its self. Which means, the primary goal of Acupuncture is self-healing.

Yes, as noted by Paul Magarelli, who is a clinical professor at California’s Yo San University, he says, our body can heal by itself, and since we aren’t animals that depend on drugs, then, Acupuncture is the way out to get the best benefit.

However, if with these positive reviews you are contemplating on giving Acupuncture a trial, it might be useful to know that it mustn’t be done alongside medications so that it won’t lead to exclaiming “acupuncture gone wrong.”

Doing that might lead you to encounter the risk of infection, chronic skin problem, or other issues. Thus, to have successful sessions speak of your concern to your doctor, and they will lead you through even in the way you may have never thought of.

Is Acupuncture Legit?

If you read the above and you still wonder if Acupuncture is legit, then this subheading is to convince you further that there are good reasons why you must pursue the use of this treatment plan. But there is a caution! 

As we have genuine and legit Acupuncture, we also have fake Acupuncture. For the fake Acupuncture, after users may have undergone the session, they will still be required to take pills, that is, pain relief to relieve them of the pain. So you might wonder?

Why consider Acupuncture or is Acupuncture legit? Well, in sharp contrast to the fake acupuncture, the real Acupuncture or legit Acupuncture doesn’t need extra pain relief or medication.

That means before you head out for your treatment, you should carry out thorough research so you can identify a right acupuncturist that will administer only the legit Acupuncture.

Acupuncture Facts

“Finally on Acupuncture gone wrong: Side effects of Acupuncture,” your understanding of this wouldn’t be complete if you aren’t abreast with Acupuncture facts that exist today.

Therefore, let me take you by hand through some of the widely acceptable acupuncture facts that exist.

  • Acupuncture doesn’t hurt. 
  • During an acupuncture session, an acupuncturist feels your tongue to help gain needed information about your state of health and design a course of treatment. 
  • Acupuncture is highly individualized.
  • The original acupuncture needles weren’t made of stainless steel, but of bone, bamboo and stone. 
  • Today’s needles used are beautiful in diameter. They are disposable and sterile.
  • Any acupuncturist that is licensed must have attended a comprehensive 3-4 year graduate program and complete more than 2000+ clinical internship hours. To retain their license, they must be involved in progressive education. 
  • There are many styles and sub-styles within the practice of Acupuncture.

Homeopathy For Constipation (10 Best Treatment Medicines)

Homeopathy For Constipation (10 Best Treatment Medicines)

The application of homeopathy extends to helping individual treat constipation. Yes, homeopathy for constipation is now being researched everywhere around the world.

Although, many are willing to know if homeopathic remedies are only limited to acute cases of constipation. Well, it is comforting to know that it works not only for severe cases of constipation but for chronic cases as well. 

The effectiveness of homeopathic medicine aids in the practical improvement of bowel motility. In fact, to a very reasonable degree, it treats a severe condition like piles and anal fissures. Even when there is constipation in babies or toddlers, with the use of homeopathic medicine, you can be sure they will have immense relief.

Well, if you worry about side effects, it is healthy. But it could be helpful to understand that these homeopathic medicines are natural and safe from adverse effects. To acquire a deeper understanding of the remedies homeopathy for constipation is meant for, let’s examine 10 of the practicing homeopathic medicine.

10 Homeopathic Medicines For Constipation

  1. Nux Vomica: Being the first homeopathy for constipation medicine, it works best for ineffectual urging and insufficient stool. Presently, it is one of the most effective medication for constipation. If prescribed for a patient, it means that the patient passes only very few stool, and it comes frequently. This type of stool isn’t satisfactory or sufficient. Additionally, an individual who needs Nux Vomica, even after passing stool a few times during the day will never be comfortable or have the feeling that the stool is over. From this type of constipation, abdominal pain may come along with constipation. Thus prescribing Nux Vomica will not only treat the condition but will solve a person’s sedentary lifestyle, and when used for pile, it treats it effectively.
  2. Bryonia Alba:This is also an effective homeopathy for a stool that is dry, hard, and in lump form. Bryonia Alba as homeopathy for constipation remedy is also regarded as one of the best medicines for constipation. In this case, a person’s stool is dry appearing like its burnt, and when passed, it comes along with severe difficulty. For some patient, it might be noticed that they have abdominal distension. Interestingly, if headaches result from such condition, prescribing Bryonia Alba will be quite effective for such a situation.
  3. Alumina: Different from the other ones we’ve highlighted as homeopathy for constipation remedy, Alumina works for constipation that comes with no drives or urges to pass stool, not just for a single day, but for days. This homeopathic remedy is famous on the list of homeopathic medicines for constipation. When a person has difficulty in passing stool for days, the intestine would have accumulated large fecal matter. Also, another essential symptoms for prescribing Alumina is when there exists abnormal straining to pass stool even when the stool is soft. This particular remedy is efficient for infants, toddlers, children, and even elderly ones.
  4. Lycopodium Clavatum: If you’ve been wrestling flatulence and bloating, this remedy is the right spot for you! The function of Lycopodium Clavatum as homeopathy for constipation remedy is that it works best for elderly patients. Also, when these individuals are faced with irritable bowel syndrome, surgeons are sure going to apply these remedy effectively to solve the condition effectively.
  5. Silicea: In a situation where stool recedes after it has been partially expelled, Silicea works efficiently! The stool, in this case, is soft and demands a very high degree of straining before it finally comes out, and then it will recede into the rectum after the stool has been partially expelled. Also, there exist the constriction, sharp pain, and  burning at the anus would also occur. Also, constipation in women even before and during menses would demand the use of silica as homeopathy for constipation remedy
  6. Antimonium Crudum and Podophyllum Peltatum: Unlike the previously mentioned homeopathic medicines that are just a single remedy, these two prominent medicines are effectively prescribed for constipation, and it goes to treat soreness of rectum, mucus piles, and anal itching. The usefulness is highly known for alternating both constipation and diarrhea that exists in the elderly ones. Some uniqueness about this remedy is that it doesn’t only work for alternating diarrheas and constipation, but it also works for gurgling in bowels, clay-colored stool, highly offensive stool, greenish stool, or prolapse of the rectum with stool.
  7. Aesculus Hippocastanum and Collinsonia Canadensis: Another homeopathy for constipation remedy that comes in double folds is the Aesculus hippocastanum and Collinsonia canadensis. With constipation with piles, this is the most remarkable homeopathic medicine. When a person’s stool is knotty, dry, hard, and there exists a painful pile, this remedy is advised to be used. In this type of condition, there is a sensation for small sticks that are stuck in the rectum. If not attended to, the pain would likely worsen. Also, for either blind or bleeding pile, this remedy is beneficial and efficient. Moreover, this medicine also treats severe lower backache. Another good indicator that will suggest the use of this remedy are protruding piles with hard stool, itching or constriction at the anus and even during pregnancy this is a well prescribed  homeopathy for constipation. 
  8. Ratanhia and Nitric Acid: Wonder what medicine will work effectively for anal fissures with constipation, then look no further, Ratanhia and nitric acid is an effective remedy for such condition. These remedies are well recognized and are very effective even when there is burning pain and constriction at the anus while a person is passing stool. Burning, in this case, may progress and would continue hours after stool is passed. Before this drug is prescribed, as a remedy, a person may have to apply cold water to relieve the burning pains. Also, the use of Nitric acid is the right choice when bleeding and pains come alongside passing stool. The pain may either be tearing, stitching, and cutting in nature. But with the use of this remedy, all will be gone. 
  9. Natrum Mur: There are situations where stool is being passed on alternate days. Constipation may result from this, and fittingly, this homeopathy for constipation remedy is the call. Homeopathy doctors would prescribe this medicine when a patient battles with this type of constipation. The features that also prompt the prescription of this medicine is also the occurrence of constriction in the rectum, sharp burning or tearing pain found at the anus.
  10. Opium and Chelidonium Majus: Some constipation results from hard, dry stool in ball form. The use of this medicine comes inefficiently and treats this condition well. Also, this condition is effective for a person, who for long, have been using laxatives to pass stool – either sticky stool or hard stool. 


With no doubt, you have noticed the type of constipation you are battling with, and you have seen the corresponding homeopathy for constipation remedy that will work effectively for that condition. Assuredly, using these remedies will help relieve your condition both speedily and effectively. All you are required of is to visit a nearby homeopathic doctor who would confirm your symptoms conclusively and thus prescribed a fitting medicine for you.

Homeopathy For High Blood Pressure – (10 Effective Homeopathic Remedies)

Most people today spend a whole of money in battling high blood pressure. Fact is, conventional medication works, but if you are in quest for hypertension remedies, you are set for one of the best deals. What deal might you wonder? It’s homeopathy for high blood pressure!

It is one of the newest and reliable hypertension remedies today. If you are curious to know how, then, this article is made for you. It is going to explain explicitly how homeopathy for high blood pressure works and some of the homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy For High Blood Pressure - (10 Effective Homeopathic Remedies)

Further, you can trust these homeopathy remedies because those that will gain our mention are those that have been tried and tested in fighting hypertension. Also, they come with no side effects and prevent subsequent complications.

As a result of that, you can trust the treatment alternatives that will be featured. Below are some of the essential remedies that you can opt-in. It should also be noted that each remedy is used in addressing some particular symptoms and complications. 

Homeopathic Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Homeopathy For High Blood Pressure - (10 Effective Homeopathic Remedies)

1. Belladonna. One of the practical and reliable homeopathic medicine for those who are suffering from high blood pressure that comes alongside severe or mild headache is Belladonna.

The pain from this type of condition might arise from the temporal region and those who often complain of a throbbing sensation, which will then lead to the reddening of the person’s face.

Also, the pain might be initiated from the heat or immediate jerk in the person’s head. In this type of situation, too, vertigo is very common. But what does Belladonna do? It assists in bringing down the pressure and halting the occurrence of the consistent headache.

2. Glonoine. This is another fantastic homeopathic medicine that works effectively for those whose face tends to turn red as blood gets clotted in the front and the head. This type of people also suffers from regular headaches with throbbing sensation.

It is common for patients of this condition to feel lethargic often and get easily irritated with the smallest level of opposition. Patients of this such find it difficult to cope with any heat around the head area for a patient of this type. In this type of hypertension, just exposure to sunlight can trigger the pain.

3. Nux Vomica. This hypertension remedy is prescribed for male folks alone. Those male are often aggressive, nervous, have difficulty with agility, and are easily irritated and many other negative emotions.

Additionally, the prescription can also be extended to those whose hypertensive condition emanated from excessive consumption of alcohol, spicy food, and caffeine. Patients like this have their trouble times in the morning. It is tagged one of their worst nightmares.

Their symptoms get elevated during this period too. The effectiveness of this remedy is because it can successfully subside high blood pressure and regulate the symptoms highlighted above.

4. Natrum Mur. If your high blood pressure is as a result of excessive consumption of  salt, then, this remedy is the best for you. People of this such have a diverse and different type of eating pattern.

It is unique and different from other kind of people. Their cravings are only based on fried food, pickles, and other types of food. Furthermore, patients of this such often get and experience dry mouth, which in turn will lead to thrust.

Another common symptom of these individuals is the asymmetric coat of the tongue. As a result, patients suffering from those mentioned above will have to undergo a Natrum Mur remedy, which is best for their condition.

5. Lachesis 200. This is another incredible homeopathy for high blood pressure that is prescribed during menopause. This remedy can also be given when there is an identified restlessness physically alongside mental issue as well.

Another reason why this is prescribed for patients is when they are wrestling with discomfort when they are wearing closed collar clothes or tight necklaces. In fact, with this type of people, tight clothes are unbearable.

Thus they only feel better when they loosen the uncomfortable garments, or they might feel better when they release or relax their belt or wear loose clothing. Therefore, either a woman is in her menopausal age or post-menopause, as long as she has these symptoms above, this is better prescribed for her.

6. Amyl Nitrosum 30. Another homeopathy for high blood pressure is amyl Nitrosum, which is highly effective for hypertension with breathlessness. This type of hypertension is linked with a chocking and constrictive feeling that is experienced around the chest.

Those with this situation undergo shortness of breath and intense heaviness in their chest region. Moreover, these persons might have anxiety when bad things suddenly happen.

Appropriately, Amyl Nitrosum 30 may be given where there occurs a hot sensation in the body and redness of the face when pulsation is felt all over the body, which includes the ear. And all symptoms will come with immediate and profuse sweating.

More Homeopathy for High Blood Pressure

7. Allium Sativa-Q. This is another fantastic, excellent remedy for high blood pressure. This particular remedy for high blood pressure is efficient for those with associated high cholesterol level.

This homeopathy for high blood pressure also fits for an individual that is fleshy and fat. This individual may prefer to be a vegetarian. The symptoms of high pressure may include heaviness in the head, and dullness, which will affect the general body.

In some cases, there might be a chronic headache in the temples. Also, patients that have difficulty with this situation may also experience heat flashes in the body and would come and go abruptly.

8. Aurum Met 30. This is an incredible homeopathy for high blood pressure. It works perfectly for those with low pulse pressure. In this type of situation, the individual is irritated and disgusted with life.

They are often depressed, and often time they give suicidal thoughts. However, that thought isn’t followed up because such individual is scared about death and wouldn’t want to die.

9. Thuja Occidentalis 10M. This is a remedy that is aptly prescribed for patients that have a personal or parental history of coronary thrombosis. This type of condition is associated with the weak arterial wall.

10. Viscum ALB 30. This last remedy of homeopathy for high blood pressure is the Viscum alb 30 that is correctly prescribed for those whose systolic blood pressure is high, and their diastolic is low. 


There you go with 10 unique homeopathy for high blood pressure! I’m sure as you were reading, you’d have been able to figure out which remedy is perfect for your high blood pressure condition.

What next is for you to consult a homeopathic doctor that will effectively treat your situation using the most appropriate remedy for your different complaint. Assuredly, you will experience immense relief and exceptional comfort.

Acupuncture for Neuropathy: Benefits and Risks (Alternative Treatment)

Acupuncture for Neuropathy: Benefits, Risks and Alternative Treatment

Are you suffering from pain in certain parts of your body and you want to consider acupuncture for neuropathy?

In this post, we will discuss if it is safe for you to approach an acupuncturist for peripheral neuropathy or not.

By the time you finish reading this, you should be able to make a bold decision as regard what step to take in consideration with whether acupuncture for neuropathy is safe for you.

Before we dive further into the main topic of discussion, let me briefly explain what acupuncture means and what is used for.


Acupuncture is a method of treatment where needles are inserted in some points on patient skin. These points are specific and are called pressure points.

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and it dates back to 6000 BCE or even before.

Acupuncture for Neuropathy: Benefits

The tiny needles used in performing acupuncture therapy or treatment are used to stimulate pressure points in the body. This is said to enhance the blood flow which subdue the pains.

Acupuncture is not totally accepted as research is still ongoing to prove its effectiveness on peripheral neuropathy.

In the world of alternative medicine, acupuncture has been used to treat several kinds of pains which include:

  • Headache
  • Back Pain and;
  • Joint pain

It can as well be used to treat digestive and neurological disorder symptoms like:

  1. Constipation
  2. Inflammation
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Neck pain
  5. Facial tics
  6. Stiffness of muscles.

Neuropathic pains in adults have been treated with Acupuncture successfully in the past according to several testimonies given by patients.


Neurologic disorder or nerve pain can be treated with acupuncture. This is achieved by stimulation of the muscles around the pressure points by tiny needles.

Acupuncture for Neuropathy: Benefits, Risks

This stimulation allows free passage of blood that might have been blocked in the veins.

When that is done, there will be secretion of hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are a group of hormones that is secreted in the nervous system and the brain.

When secreted, these hormones activate opiate receptors in the patient’s body. It then causes analgesic effect in the body. This process certainly reduces the pain in the body.

For obvious reasons; a lot of people employ the expertise of a medical acupuncturist to help relieve their neuropathy.

With success stories that evolve round acupuncture for neuropathy, it’s beginning to gain more recognition in the treatment of neuropathic pain than other traditional medical care.

Is acupuncture safe for me?

If you ever asked yourself if acupuncture is actually safe for you to practice, you have asked a valid question.

You want to continue reading the next heading where we discuss why acupuncture might not be safe for you as an individual because it’s definitely not safe for everyone.

Risks Involved in Acupuncture Therapy

Even though acupuncture as a practice is a safe practice in the hands of an expert acupuncturist, risks may be involved if not carefully and properly done.

Here are a number of risks that may be involved in acupuncture treatments:

  1. Pregnancy; It is advised that pregnant persons that feels the need to use acupuncture for peripheral neuropathy treatment should consult a doctor prior to the treatment. Acupuncture may initiate early labor in pregnant women and may lead to premature delivery.
  2. Bleeding Disorders; It’s advised that people that are diagnosed with various kinds of bleeding Disorders like Hemophilia, Von Willebrand Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia, Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation should stay away from treating peripheral neuropathy with acupuncture. This is because the needles points may not heal very quickly.
  3. Heart Diseases; do not turn to an acupuncturist for treatment of neuropathic pain if you have heart disease and currently undergoing treatment. Some acupuncture process includes the use of electric pulses at the points where needles are inserted. This is done to trigger nerve responses.

Acupuncture for neuropathy may result in several complications, especially those with the above named conditions.

It may lead to injury if it is not performed by a specialist or professional. Injury may be due to inappropriate insertion of the tiny needles.

Another complication that may arise from this process is bruise that turns out to be painful.

You don’t want to heal a pain by causing another pain.

It may cause infection in patient if needles that were used for another person is reused without proper sterilization. Old used needles are to be sterilized before being reused for another patient.

Alternative Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

For fear of certain complications that may arise from using acupuncture for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

Acupuncture for Neuropathy: Benefits, Risks and Alternative Treatment

You can try out the following alternative treatments;

When you perform thorough exercise of your body, it increases the flow of blood through the body.

Blood will easily circulate round every part of the body. It also keeps the heart in good shape for regular blood pumping.

Exercises repair all the nerves that were damaged. It causes muscles to become relaxed.

When blood flows through the body properly, it reduces neuropathic pain.

You could also use traditional or locally made balm to rub over the pain sites on the body.

Intake of alcohol and drug abuse should be stopped. It’s proven that alcohol damages nerves which may cause neuropathy.

Warm bath is recommended for neuropathy because it enhance blood flow and circulation. This will help in reducing the pain.


Acupuncture has been proven to have a high success rate in the treatment of neuropathic pain.

However, you should consult a medical doctor for a proper diagnosis of what may be causing your neuropathic pain.

You should relate your medical history with a professional and let them advice you accordingly.

You don’t want to use acupuncture for neuropathy if you have experienced or experiencing any of the conditions stated above.

There are several other natural therapy you can use to treat peripheral neuropathy if you are not qualified or just don’t want to use acupuncture.

Thanks for reading!

15 Herbal Remedies for HPV: (Natural Herbal Treatment for HPV)

It is unfortunate that the human genital papillomavirus, also known as HPV, is more widespread today. In the United States, for instance, human genital papillomavirus is recognized to be more prevalent than other forms of STDs. Adding to its prevalence is the fact that it can lead to genital warts. As if that isn’t enough, it can also lead to cancer too! Terrified? Relax! There are natural remedies that have been used in treating this condition. Using herbal remedies for HPV isn’t an exception too.

15 Herbal Remedies for HPV: (Natural Herbal Treatment for HPV)

Therefore, have the confidence that there are treatments if you or a family member has this infection! Yes, I am not just talking about some conventional drugs, I’m speaking of natural treatments that its potency is tested and trusted.

For quite a long time, natural treatments have been used in treating STDs, and this is because they contain antiviral properties. Honestly, there are several herbal remedies for HPV treatment, and this post is aimed at showing not just the available ones but the ones that are best for eliminating the virus, which can guarantee relief within a short time. But before I speak on those herbal remedies for HPV, I want to briefly explain what HPV is, symptoms, the causes, and some risk factors; the knowledge can aid how you treat the virus.

What HPV is, Causes, And Risk Factors

HPV is known as a group of highly infectious viruses that may be contacted from sexual activity via skin-to-skin intercourse. As at present, there are more than 100 types of HPV, and thirteen of these types are high- risk, telling that they are capable of causing cancer. Nevertheless, it should be understood that some dominant HPV strains wouldn’t result in several issues. HPV itself has been linked with cancers of the anus, penis, vulva, and vaginal. Among these 100 types, there are two types – 16 and 18, that can lead to 70% of cervical lesions and cervical cancers. And type 6 and 11 which will not lead to cancer, can lead to genital warts and respiratory papillomatosis.

How do you know you have HPV? If you have genital warts, common warts, plantar warts, flat warts, oral warts. Late signs of the disease include Trouble swallowing, a lump on the neck or in the cheek, coughing up blood, and ongoing hoarseness, numb tongues, constant earaches, red or white patch on the tonsils, sore throat, and unexpected weight loss.

Almost every sexually active individual will contract HPV at some point. Now the question is, how do you contact it? Through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Since HPV spreads via skin-to-skin contact, sexual intercourse isn’t the only way it can be contacted. For example, an infected mother can infect her newborn during the delivery process. But the risk of a sexually active person can be reduced by using either a condom or abstaining from sex.

With this knowledge, let’s examine about 15 different types of herbal remedies for HPV; this exhaustive list will give you several choices of local herbs in your neighborhood.

15 Herbal Remedies for HPV: (Natural Herbal Treatment for HPV)

Natural Herbal Remedies For HPV

The natural herbal remedies for HPV include:

  1. Goldenseal.  This goldenseal is one of the herbal remedies for HPV. There are two significant ways of applying the goldenseal to get rid of HPV. For example, the herb can be used as a tincture, which will be applied directly to genital warts. Alternatively, the goldenseal can be taken in the supplement form. This supplement is widely available either from herbalists who are trained or from reputable health stores. Goldenseal has for long being identified as an antiseptic, but the antiviral properties are those that make it so essential for home treatment of HPV.
  2. Astragalus. This herbal treatment is also recommended by trained herbalist as being competent to eliminate HPV; in fact, it is known to be directly linked to eliminating HPV. The reason is that it has several properties that are capable of combating the virus. It has antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Also, it includes the production of interleukin-2, which also has known antiviral properties. With these abundant properties, it has not even been reported to have severe side effects on those who are using it.
  3. Mushrooms. You might probably have known that mushrooms are so essential for treating virus infection. You might not know that it can be used in treating this condition and yet, you might not even know the ingredients that make mushrooms useful. There are several numbers of antiviral and antimicrobial properties that are present in the mushrooms that make it very essential for treating HPV. But how is it to be used? Add mushrooms to your diet! I’m sure you’d want to know and confirm the delight that comes from the delicious meal that will be combined with the fight of the virus in your body. What a heal!
  4. Garlic. You’ve likely heard from people how effective garlic is for the treatment of some conditions. And interestingly, it makes a remedy for HPV too. It is known as a natural treatment for HPV. Garlic has an active ingredient that is known as Allicin. This active ingredient is included in several antiviral activities. To use this, you can soak the garlic inside water in the evening and then let it get absorbed till the following morning and apply the infused water directly on genital warts. This is done to ensure quick effects.
  5. Oregano Oil. If this isn’t your first time of hearing of Oregano, this might be your first time of hearing that it is valid for the natural treatment of HPV. Oregano oil is filled with antiviral and antioxidant constituents that make it very efficient for the treating of HPV. Widely, the herb is available, and that means that getting it is within reach. For the use, you should dilute the oil slightly with water. However, it is imperative to understand that it can be an irritant on sensitive parts of the body, regardless of the ability to reduce warts and the antiviral properties.
  6. Calendula. If you are seeking for an inexpensive essential oil can easily be sourced, Calendula is perfect for you. This essential oil is also one of the less expensive oils and natural treatment for the treating of HPV condition. It is highly practical too for clearing up of skin conditions. These skin conditions that it treats include warts and inflammations that can step up from the result of HPV. The usage varies, but one of the most popular ways of applying this is by consuming it directly or using it as a suppository.
  7. Echinacea. Also, a famous antiviral herb, Echinacea, is essential and perfect for the treatment of HPV.  The reason for applying this is to ensure the boosting of the immune system and reducing the appearance of warts. To get this accomplished, make tinctures or teas from this herb. Additionally, numerous antioxidant compounds and phytosterols are present in the Echinacea, which will boost white blood cells and enhance the antiviral influence of the immune system. So irrespective of how you choose to use it, you can get the best out of it, and the virus can be gotten rid of.
  8. Tea Tree Oil. Just like some other herbal remedies for HPV, Tea tree oil is apparently a capable herb for treating HPV. For one, tea tree oil has a powerful antiviral component that can be applied directly to the infected area. Secondly, it can be used to boosts immunity in the body. Thirdly, it also increases the number of white blood cells, and it goes a long way to attack the HPV virus from two sides. With the continual application, you can experience real relief and enjoy less irritation on your skin as you use.
  9. Thuja Oil. While it can be validated that thuja oil isn’t famous, and it is not being recommended, recent research shows that it is a preferred remedy for some individual. And why can it be confident that it is effective? Firstly, it can seek out and neutralize infected cells and get rid of virus symptoms, which warts are one of them. Sadly, though, it seems like one of the reasons why it is often not recommended is because it can be irritating most, especially where the HPV attacks. To avoid that, you are advised to dilute the oil before you apply.
  10. Curcumin. This herbal remedy for HPV is also an easily sourced remedy that is inexpensive and famous. It is renowned because it has anticancer and antiviral properties. These properties though, are the critical ingredients in Curcumin. This is applied by adding the spice right inside your meals – morning and evening. This is done so that you can boost the strength of your immune system massively and protect your body from the adverse effect of HPV. It comes with no side effects, and when used, it can enhance your palate and make you enjoy the meal better.
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m convinced that this is not your first time of hearing the word apple cider. And it might be pleasing to know that just like a prescription of medications that uses the acid in treating warts, apple cider vinegar has a similar approach.  And amazingly, the use isn’t difficult. All it requires from you is first, dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and then gently rub it on affected areas. After the rubbing, you can then leave it overnight, and then you can rinse off the next day. You can repeat it as long as you desire.
  12. Castor Oil. The use of castor oil is simple and straightforward! It is one of the herbal remedies identified for HPV, which might not be easy for some people to work with because of its stickiness. But there are brilliant ways to apply it even with its stickiness. One is to rub castor oil by applying a cotton swab on the affected area and then tape the area with the crushed garlic. The application of crushed garlic is used to attain maximum effect which the combination of natural remedies often gives.
  13. Onions. One of the typical household ingredients and it’s not new to you. Interestingly it makes one of the natural herbal remedies for HPV. How do you use? Use a few slices, and then place them on the part where the warts are showing. Then you can use gauze and bandage to cover up. For faster results, drizzle salts on some onions and juice. The function of the onions is to acts as an antimicrobial agent, and to work as an antiseptic. For amazing results, you can use them continually. It can be like 3-4 times in a week.
  14. Aloe Vera. This is another inexpensive herbal remedy that can be applied to HPV. Also, Vera has in it, antioxidants and antivirus ingredients that make it an ideal remedy for HPV. The user doesn’t require a rigorous application. First, you will have to rub it generously on the area affected. What does that accomplish? It dissolves warts naturally. However, for comfort, you can use it in the evening and wash off the place in the morning. You can repeat it for like five times in a week. This will bring in quick results over time.
  15. Baking Soda. Making the last on the list of herbal remedies for HPV. This natural herbal remedy is used in combination with other constituent. And this is done to ensure that you attain maximum results. Baking soda is used alongside castor oil. The combination of this is to make a paste and then apply. After application, cover up the area where the paste is applied with a bandage. At wish, you can repeat the process as many times as you want. Over time, you will experience an immense relief for the pain, and then you would have eliminated the inflammation that might have resulted from the viral infection.
15 Herbal Remedies for HPV: (Natural Herbal Treatment for HPV)


With these exhaustive list of herbal remedies for Hpv, you can be sure that your condition  can be well managed. You can be certain that you’d get relieve in no time. Nevertheless, these herbs for Hpv treatment should be applied according to how it is been prescribed in this article for optimum result.

Cranial Osteopathy [Craniosacral Therapy] – Everything You Need to Know About it

Is your quality of life receding because you are wrestling with migraine headaches, Asthma, disturbed sleep cycle, or other related conditions, and you are willing to pick up a reliable therapy for your treatment? Is your baby having any condition including colic, hyperactivity, improper breastfeeding, improper alignment of babies’ head, and many other conditions? Then, Cranial Osteopathy is the never-failing emergency line to dial.

Cranial Osteopathy [Craniosacral Therapy] - Everything You Need to Know About it

Yes! Many who suffer from some of the conditions highlighted above and several other conditions have found help getting back the quality of their life – something so precious to everyone. Undeniably, you will desire to get the best out of life; this article is designed for you! It will help you understand what precisely cranial Osteopathy is, several conditions that Osteopathy is used for, how Osteopathy helps babies, the side effects to watch on, and what you should expect from your therapist.

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Well, starting from its name, cranial Osteopathy is also called cranial therapy or craniosacral therapy. So, in the cause of this article, if any of these are used, you should know that they mean the same thing. That said, Craniosacral Therapy is one variety of osteopathic manipulative therapies that are used in healing patients off their conditions.

How it works is that it stimulates healing by the application of tender continuous hand force to manipulate the skeleton and connective tissue. This pattern is usually typical when treating the skull and the sacrum – the large, triangular bone at the bottom of the spinal column.

Further, Cranial Osteopathy is fundamentally based on the controversial theory that central nervous system – encompassing the brain and spinal cord, has gentle, and rhythmic pulsations that are essential to health and would be detected and modified by a skilled practitioner who is an expert in that field.

A lot of developed countries have doctors who are specialized in this type of therapy. Take, for instance, in the United States alone, almost 5% of physicians are doctors of Osteopathy. And among these, less than 10% of these individuals depend solely on manipulation as their primary techniques for treating their patients. In addition to its relevance, some dentists and doctors have even looked into this therapy and have been trained to be skilled in Cranial Osteopathy.

Before anyone could be qualified to be an Osteopathy practitioner, the Osteopathic Cranial Academy which is an international membership organization is a body that acts as a governing body that oversees or gives credentials to those willing to be trained and wants to be trained.

This is done to avoid quacks. And to ensure that only qualified health care practitioners are going to treat your conditions. And to help limit how you can meet a qualified practitioner, the Osteopathic Cranial Academy helps those who need the service of an osteopathy therapist to locate only certified professionals within your area. Even though some who are massage therapists claim to offer the service of a cranial therapist, they never went through rigorous training and are not in the same level with doctors who registered under the academy.

Conditions Cranial Osteopathy Are Used For

The application of cranial Osteopathy is broad, and that is soothing and comforting! Therefore, if you have one or two conditions that aren’t listed on the outset, you might find one which Craniosacral Therapy will help you solved. Cranial Osteopathy is majorly used for both adults and children. And over the years since its inception, it has been used for problems or conditions like:

Constipation, seizures, migraine headaches, asthma, sinus infections, Meniere disease, ear problems, irritable bowel syndrome, neck pain, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who have sometimes experienced birth trauma or head trauma.

In addition to all these, there is good news for cancer patients too. And that comfort is found in the report made by The American Cancer Society. It notes that even though, scientifically, the use of cranial Osteopathy hasn’t been validated, the body affirms that it is efficient for relaxing and relieving stress and tension of cancer patients.

Therefore, nearly everyone can find relief from undergoing this therapy. And there is evidence that shows that patients with cancer have found the relive talked about by the American Cancer Society from the use of Craniosacral Therapy. Nevertheless, your condition might still look manageable, although, that doesn’t rule out the fact that you need to visit a practitioner, yet, if your baby or toddler is battling with one condition or the other that had drained your purse, the following subheading will explain all you need to know about Cranial Osteopathy for toddlers.

How Cranial Osteopathy Helps Babies

 Cranial Osteopathy

For babies with difficulty breastfeeding or having trouble sucking, Cranial Osteopathy is at times recommended for them. And it is incredible to know that many parents all over the world who have demanded the service of an osteopath have shown satisfaction from the help they get from this type of bodywork, their baby has now been feeding well – breastfeeding, and have attained a quality level of comfort.

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How it helps babies. An expert, Dee Massing said that if the 22 bones that are found in the baby’s skull are not accurately in line, it has the potential of affecting the tongue and facial muscles which might now irritate the nerves in the face. And all these combining factors can adversely influence the sucking, breathing, and how the baby swallows. Stating further, she explains that if there happens to be misalignment and imbalance of the skull bones, it can lead to the alteration of the palate, the tongue and several structures of the head. And this can lead or result in the appetite getting too high or getting uneven. And in the worst case, it can lead to facial muscles to get too tight. And the imbalance can lead to irritation, irritation in turn, will lead to hypersensitivity, which will then lead to an inability to accept anything – either in the center or at the back of the mouth, and gagging. So there is no question on whether it is suitable for kids or not since the understanding will aid the success of the therapy. Notwithstanding, before you conclude to take your kids to a practitioner, consider when it should be done, so you can be sure that what your kid needs is a cranial Osteopathy.

  • If there was a birth injury or bruising around the baby’s head and if the delivery was elongated and the baby feels it difficult to feed.
  • If there exists a tongue-tie in the baby’s mouth.
  • If there exists a tongue-tie in the baby’s mouth.
  • If the baby’s normal reflexes are exaggerated or completely missing
  • If your baby doesn’t breastfeed for comfort or falls asleep after a short time at the breast.
  • If there exists any bunching or thrusting of the tongue, arching off the breast.
  • If there is spilling of milk at the breath which makes a clicking sound.
  • If the baby has a preference to turn his head to a side and if the mother gives reports of pain on one nipple.
  • If the shape of the baby’s head is abnormal and narrow.
  • If the baby has a receding chin or a high palate.
  • If the baby has difficulty moving his or her head and limbs freely and couldn’t hold the head in a neutral position.

So when you notice this in your child, do not hesitate to take him for Cranial Osteopathy. It is agreed to be valid for babies with breastfeeding and sucking problem especially. And again, you should also narrow your search to therapists who only specialize in babies. So, if worried about your child’s physical wellbeing – feeding and other development, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor, you will be glad you did!

Are There Side Effects?

Cranial Osteopathy is globally regarded as a safe therapy, yet, there are a few side effects that can be experienced after a session with a therapist. These include mild soreness or pain in the area treated, fatigue, and in some cases, headache. However, it should be noted that these effects often disappear just after a few hours of the session, and within 24 to 48 hours they will get better themselves. Although in some cases, though, infrequent serious complications might develop.

Cranial Osteopathy [Craniosacral Therapy]

These complications can include the tearing of an artery wall which can lead to stroke out, and it is also capable of leading to permanent disability, or in the worst case, death. To avoid these, it is often useful to ensure that you only visit a certified osteopath, during your session, ask him for any benefits you will derive, demand to know the techniques that will be used and let him explain to you if there are any risks associated to it. If you do these, you will avoid the severe side effects that come from improper handling.

What You Should Expect From a Visit to an Osteopathy Therapist

There are several essential things that you need to note as you head your way to a practitioner. The knowledge will not only help address your issue but will help you appreciate every session. During a typical session, a practitioner may seek to know if you have sometimes sustained an injury, he might go further to ask you about the circumstances surrounding your birth. And these questions don’t strike out the usual questions concerning medical history, symptoms, and any lifestyle habits.

Also, the therapist might move your limbs and have a feel of your spine, cranium, ribcage to confirm further if there are any restricted areas. In treating your condition, you might come across hands-on manipulation of the cranial bones and the tailbone, and any other related fields. The same manipulation might also be applied to relax muscles that are around the joints and spine. Generally, the effect of the treatment is soothing and relieving.

In your initial visit for cranial osteopathy, it might take a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour. However, any follow up appointment will last 30 minutes. While the treatment is on, therapists often cover their patients full, and they will be asked to lie down and face up. They then gently use their hands to free up restrictions in the movement of cranial bones and soft tissues.

They also do these to simulate the free flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes all the surfaces of the brain and the spinal cord. And this is because they firmly believe that any distortion that affects the central nervous system may result from any form of trauma – birth, childhood, accidents, or psychological one. Bearing all these in mind will let you enjoy and have the best therapy session.

Auricular Acupuncture – Treatments, Theory, And Resources

Around the globe, many folks are plagued with back pain, headache, post-operative nausea, fibromyalgia, and several other ailments. If you’ve sometimes turned to doctors and nurses to use some pain reliefs, you’ve done pretty well. At least it shows that you genuinely appreciate life and you don’t want to toil with your health. But how would you respond if told of an alternative that can save you not just a whole lot of money, but will help you to find substantial relief with no hint of fear that your condition will return within a short time? Even though there are trustworthy alternative medicine treatments, this post is only going to feature Auricular Acupuncture, which is one of the significant alternatives to medicine that has been employed around to the globe for those suffering from several ailments.

Auricular Acupuncture – Treatments, Theory, And Resources
Auricular Acupuncture

But, what exactly is Auricular Acupuncture? It is an alternative medicine treatment option that is based on stimulating several points of the body, usually, with needles to relieve pain or treat other physical, emotional, and mental condition. Auriculotherapy is indeed not a new concept, so you don’t have to develop the fear of being used as a sample to test its efficiency.  Each year, millions of Americans use Auricular Acupuncture. It’s been on for many decades, springing up from the 1970s, many have attested to its effectiveness and how rewarding it is to use it for their condition. As an intelligent individual, you might be willing to know the treatment options, theories, and resources that are governing the use of this alternative. That is what this post is aimed at accomplishing.

Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

This part is only going to highlight the conditions that will be treated by applying auricular acupuncture techniques. Seven categories of ailments that auriculotherapy has successfully been used in treating will be highlighted.

  1. Infectious Disease. In treating infectious disease, the function of auricular Acupuncture is to help reduce pain and swelling. Some of them include ear infection, bladder infection, postulation, pelvic inflammatory disease, bell’s palsy, pharyngitis, and others.
  2. Allergic Disease. What auriculotherapy accomplishes is to have an anti-inflammatory effect and to stimulate the immune system to reduce allergic responses. These conditions include colitis, rheumatoid fever, purpura, asthma, allergic sinusitis, and allergies.
  3. Epidemic Disease. Auriculotherapy treats conditions under this category. They include whooping cough, lung tuberculosis, dysentery, fever, and influenza.
  4. Various Painful Diseases. As highlighted at the onset, auriculotherapy has continuous and powerful aid to stop pains in the body that develop as a result of some condition. In using auriculotherapy to relieve aches, needles are inserted. Illnesses that can be reduced with the use of auriculotherapy include: Pain emanating from trauma, pain emanating from infections, pain emanating from a nerve disorder, pain springs up after surgery, and anxiety originating from tumors. These pains include and not limited to headache, scar tissues, nerve pain, migraine, herpes zoster, mastitis, appendicitis, burns, dislocations, broken bones, and sprained tendons.
  5. Functional Disorder. The function of auriculotherapy here is to regulate the body’s functioning system. This is being accomplished by treating conditions like irregular heartbeat, sexual dysfunction, neurasthenia, irregular mensuration, neurasthenia, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  6. Chronic Diseases. There are some diseases like low back pain, indigestion, numbness of the extremities, frozen shoulder, leg pain, and others that auriculotherapy will help in reliving a person from the resultant pain.
  7. Wellness Care. Auriculotherapy can not only treat conditions, but it also can prevent diseases. For example, it can avoid anesthesia; it can be used to relieve labor pain and to shorten labor period, weight management, substance abuse detoxification, smoking cessation, and motion sickness.

Theory Surrounding the Application of Auricular Acupuncture

Though succinct, this part will briefly highlight some of the theories surrounding the application of these treatment options, and it will take us a little back into the history of auriculotherapy. Let’s examine that as you develop solid conviction on using auriculotherapy as an alternative to medical treatment.

Theory Surrounding the Application of Auricular Acupuncture

The procedure of this alternative treatment includes the insertion of five, tiny, fine, and sterilized needles under the surface of the skin on some specific part in the outer ear. In this procedure, there is no application of electrical stimulation. What is required of patients? Sit calmly and gently in a group setting for 30-45 minutes. These five points that are being used are the standard point of treatment for both anxiety management and abuse of drugs. The use of auriculotherapy has proven not only practical but cost-effective and can well combine with cultures across the country.

For centuries, the Chinese have been using needles in strategic locations on the body to relieve pain and disease. But in 1972, a neurosurgeon from Hong Kong came to an outstanding discovery that auriculotherapy can be used in alleviating the symptoms of drug withdrawal, and further, it was used for relapse protection and detoxification.

Furthermore, in the USA, Acudetox was initially introduced to an outpatient in the year 1974, in New York City. In just a few years after, precisely in the 1980s, there was a record of success for this procedure. To the point that both alcohol and drug treatment facilities all over the USA started incorporating auriculotherapy into their treatment programs.

Additionally, after five years, there was an establishment of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.  This was done to promote and enhance both education and training of several physicians and clinicians in their use of Acudetox via the NADA ear acupuncture protocol. Even though NADA is a non-profit firm, they’ve taken up the responsibility to grant people with training and education on the correct use of auriculotherapy as an accurate alternative in use for both mental disorders and several mental conditions. From that time onward, there have been several applications of auriculotherapy in treating ailments. But what has been the results and outputs?

Auricular Acupuncture Treatment

It has been proven successful in both clinical settings and under controlled experimental conditions. The output got from a 12 months’ acupuncture detoxification program that was carried out in Portland, Oregon and a blind study of auriculotherapy treatment with chronic alcoholics in Hennepin County, Minnesota gives convincing evidence. For instance, it was validated that more than 70% of those who were treated using auriculotherapy completed their detoxification compared to those who didn’t. Interesting to note is that there are no pronounced side effects from its use. So patients who are potential users of auriculotherapy will experience reduced symptoms of inconvenience, and they will have improved sleep quality.

Auricular Acupuncture Resources

There are several resources – actions or strategy that is being adopted in using auricular Acupuncture in treating some conditions. As reveal by NADA, one of the fundamental proponents of auricular Acupuncture is that people who undergo this type of treatment as an alternative treatment plan enjoy several benefits. And from these benefits, we can understand several resources available for this strategy.

For instance, it says it offers counseling, education, mutual support group inclusion, supportive medical health care, and more coordinated attitude that lies toward the process of recovery as well as limited cravings, and deep solution and reduce the need for pharmaceuticals.

Summarily, there is no doubt that auriculotherapy is indeed a reliable alternative treatment for any condition highlighted above. Living in the United States, you can enjoy the benefit of undergoing this rigorous and successful form of treatment. Living outside the United States, you can research for centers where auriculotherapy is being carried out.

Homeopathy for Depression and Anxiety (Does it Work?)

Regardless of where you reside, the surge of Suicide has been a global concern to both young and old. And the menace has gained so much attention since the start of this year. The issue has been so tense that barely after the first quarter of the year, the world population review revealed a comprehensive report detailing the Suicide rate in over 160 countries. To one’s utter surprise, one of the top countries had an unprecedented peak of 31.9%; quite sad, huh? Definitely! In this post, we’ll discuss common homeopathy for depression and anxiety and discuss its potency.

However, though, one question bothers many. They often ask: “what would have been responsible for the skyrocketing increase in the Suicide rate recently? Well, in his work “six reasons people attempt Suicide, Alex Lickerman M.D, highlights depression and crying for help (what could have emerged from being anxious) as the reasons why many have contemplated Suicide and are willing to end it all.

Homeopathy for Depression and Anxiety (Does it Work?)

Undoubtedly, depression and anxiety are deeply rooted in today’s world. Some resort to the use of conventional medicine to help fight their battles, others, however, have insisted on using another form of therapy recognized as “homeopathic medicine.”

If you’ve known this before, you perhaps may have wondered if this form of medicine is considered safe and free of severe side effects. If you are new to this, no doubt, you’d be interested in understanding what homeopathic medications are all about.

This article wouldn’t only explain how homeopathy works; it will also highlight homeopathy for depression, homeopathy for anxiety, and clarify if there are side effects. To gain a lucid and more comprehensive detail about this natural therapy, get to know what Homeopathy is all about first.

What is Homeopathy?

In the final part of the 18th century, homeopathy was developed. The general idea of this therapy is that if something is the cause or reason for an ailment, that thing might also be the cure for the same illness.

To get that accomplished, many processes were involved. For example, some particular substances were diluted in water to give rise to the creation of homeopathic remedies in which some of them are toxic. Nevertheless, it should be noted that even though toxic, they are highly dissolved, also when placed under the microscopes, the levels are unrecognizable.

Generally, homeopathy is recognized as complementary medicine. And that is why it is highly valuable and useful as an alternative to natural treatment and for addressing some specific health condition. And gladly, anxiety and depression tend to be one of the health conditions that homeopathy is used in curing.

For over two centuries when this natural therapy has been in use, many have claimed to its powerful effect, as it has helped them in treating some of their conditions. The merits are high that if correctly and safely administered, it can be compelling.

Also, homeopathy is a medical system that is placed on a belief that the body has the power to cure itself. Some of the things used are plants, animals, and minerals. These are often believed to stimulate the healing process in humans.

This form of natural therapy is common in many European countries, yet in the United States, it isn’t an excellent treatment plan for folks with the condition.

For example, in treating allergies, in homeopathy, Red onions are being used, why? Because red onion makes one’s eyes watery. Besides, some treatments are made from crushed whole bees, white arsenic, poison ivy, and others.

When already prepared, doctors, popularly known as Homeopaths, dilute with either water or alcohol and then shake the mixture vigorously – a step called “potentization.” The idea behind this is that they believe that it transfers the healing essence.

Amazingly, it also believes that the lower the dose, the more influential the medicine would be. And in most cases, most of the remedies administered to patients do not have in them, the original substance. And they could come in several forms; these include tablets, liquid drops, sugar pellets – and many more.

Moreover, when booking an appointment with a homeopath, you will be asked several questions regarding your physical and mental health. After carefully considering your situation, he’ll go ahead to prescribe the remedy that fits and suits your conditions -symptoms. And finally, he’ll tailor the treatment for your clear understanding.

Most health food stores and drug stores have some of the over-the-counter homeopathic remedies and that you will be asked to buy. Noteworthy is that the dosage and quality is based on the manufacturers, therefore do not hesitate to ask your doctors before heading to buy one. But, since these are claims, you might be willing to know if it works. That leads us to the next subheading.

Does it Work?

There are several research results. And I can categorically say that the answer to this question is mixed. Take, for example, some research admits, and at least from the earlier points, you’d note that some claim that it works and are efficient for their condition. On the other hand, some feel that it doesn’t work at all. So undeniably, there are controversies about homeopathy, needless to talk about homeopathy for depression.

They say that the benefits people claim they get can be likened to the placebo effect – a situation where a person’s symptoms improve simply because he believes that the treatment is going to work for him and not because the pill or medicine is useful to work for the condition.  They further state that the placebo effect in this regard triggers the brain to discharge chemicals that will briefly relieve pain and several symptoms.

Till today, many doctors are splits apart on some of the theories that surround homeopathy. Some claims that it doesn’t fit in the principles of chemistry and physics. In backing up, scientists said that any medicine that has no active ingredient shouldn’t affect the body.

Learn an overview of natural therapies

Given this disparity that exists among health professionals, where can anyone who seeks to find a solution to some of their condition, say, tiredness, stress, sadness, and especially, those asking for homeopathy for depression, and homeopathy for anxiety turn to? The answer to this question isn’t a hard one to find! I’ll take you back to where we came from.

The only reason why we had to consider whether it works is to bring to your notice that not all doctors agree to that – yet that isn’t criteria to dismiss its potency. To be fully convinced, the next sub-heading will discuss homeopathy for depression and homeopathy for anxiety.

The following homeopathy for depression and Anxiety remedies will be listed along-side the system that will make a homeopathic doctor administer that remedy for an individual.

Homeopathy for Depression and Anxiety (Does it Work?)

Homeopathy For Depression And Anxiety Remedies

Arsenicum Album: This homeopathy for depression remedy is administered for people who are depressed as a result of incurable disease and infections. They may, as a result, feel anxious, fearful, filled with anguish, restlessness. It is also administered for those depressed as a result of;

  • Extreme anxiety, indescribable restlessness, and anxiety.
  • The dread of death coming on suddenly when left alone or end coming when going to bed.
  • Anxiousness and trembling of not being able to control himself from killing someone else with a knife

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy is administered for those;

  • Whose anxiety has made them walk rapidly?
  • Who couldn’t undertake anything for fear of not being successful? And feel affected both mentally and bodily.
  • Who feels irritated and anxious in the morning shortly after rising. And this is followed with immense nervousness and feeling of weakness.
  • Who has dullness of sense, void of thought, unable to think, inability to find soothing words for his ideas and thereby leads to stuttering on speech
  • Who couldn’t conceive idea with heart and having heat and fullness in the head
  • Who has a total loss of consciousness and weakness of memory
  • Who has a stupid feeling in the head when writing

Aurum Met: This is another valuable homeopathy for depression remedy. It works perfectly for those who have the suicidal disposition and a very high degree of responsibility. It goes beyond that, reaching those who;

  • Demand for solitude always
  • Have intense disgust for life and considering Suicide.
  • Would have good humor the whole day accompanied by talkativeness and self-satisfaction
  • Frequently weep
  • Always screams and howls; regularly imagine she’s irretrievably missing or lost.
  • Imagines that he doesn’t fit for this world, desires for death and fights for internal happiness.
  • Is dejected and melancholic
  • Is dissatisfied with nearly everything, he imagines obstacles everywhere. Some he attributes to adverse fate, others by himself resulting in a morbid depression
  • Tends to condemn himself all times; he doesn’t do anything right; it’s all wrong. Has the feeling that nothing will succeed.
  • Has the feeling that he needs to be blamed for not meeting up his duty. He has the impression that he is wholly evil, not worthy of salvation since he has sinned.
  • Has the desire to look at every dark side of everything. He regularly expects bad news and wants everything to go wrong

Calcarea Phos: This is homeopathy for depression that is administered primarily for children that are suffering from mental exertion and the fear of mental effort. Also, it is applied to children who;

  • Has stupid inefficiency and cretinism
  • Pens down wrong and incorrect words or writes repeated words twice.
  • Is forgetful and absent-minded; even he forgets what he did minutes ago.
  • Has difficulty in performing intellectual operations
  • Has a simple oversight of several things and has a distinct way of viewing things.

Gelsemium: This homeopathy for depression and anxiety is prescribed for those with anticipatory anxiety. It is also administered for those who are;

  • Irritable and Impatient.
  • Able to describe what is going within his or her surrounding and can accurately describe her symptoms
  • Having dullness of all mental faculties  
  • Are dull and stupid with an extreme aversion to studying.
  • Unable to think straight and have problem fixing the attention.
  • Unable to concentrate the mind, has an intoxicating and stupid feeling, and incoherent of thought.
  • Always throwing themselves on the floor and who thereafter become unconscious.
  • Are sometimes totally unconscious and unable to be awakened only after three hours.

Kali From: This homeopathy for depression and anxiety is sufficient for a family that is grieving the loss of a child. It is also efficient for those;

  • Depressed in their mind, which leads to weeping, wringing hands, moaning, and two hours after that he sleeps off and wakes up eight hours after, feeling sane and beautiful.
  • Anxiety, confusion, and Listlessness.
  • Unable to concentrate thoughts and slow perception
  • Having suicidal mania accompanied by numb feeling in the head, and those that feel like he’s going to lose his reasons.
  • Having a loss of memory, where words and syllables are forgotten and omitted.

Kali Phos: This first homeopathy for depression and anxiety deals with the mind. These include those;

  • Very nervous and are easily irritable
  • Having fear and nervous dread after overworking
  • Having sadness and anxiety that is related to physical complaints.
  • Disciplined to converse
  • Who has anxiety for no defined cause These are also with nervous dread and always look at the dark side of everything
  • Shy and often withdraw from conversations
  • Who dwells on the effects of fright.
  • Who has after effect of grief
  • Who has a loss of memory, often omits letter in writings and has the confusion of ideas.

Lycopodium: This remedy among the entire homeopathy for depression and anxiety works well for melancholic behavior. It is used in addressing;

  • Melancholy; sad thoughts and extreme loss of feelings self.
  • Intensely melancholy and depressed, having a joyless mood.
  • A person who has depression of spirits
  • An individual that has anxiety on waking after midnight and is unable to get her breath, and struggles for that for over two hours.
  • She gets anxious immediately when people surround her.
  • He is exceedingly anxious with no positive thought that is racing through his mind.

Medorrhinum: This is an effective homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy that also works for the mind.  It is also used for ailments that are a result of gonorrhea or history of family gonorrhea. It is also used for;

  • Those with weak memory
  • Unable to carry on with conversations
  • Those with the inability to speak unless they weep
  • Those who allow time to pass off slowly.
  • Those who are always in a great hurry
  • Those who are nervous.
  • Those who completely forget things that have once been read, including the previous line
  • Those who have disability remembering people’s name
  • They have momentary loss of thoughts which could be caused by the sensation of tightness occurring in the brain.

Natrum Mur: Apart from the previously mentioned remedies, this homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy is exclusively meant for adverse effects of chronic grief, which couldn’t be expressed to others. It can also be applied to a very melancholy person with a subdued spirit. They have sudden yet short attacks of melancholy. It is also meant for those who from mere looks of people’s face, he quickly concludes that those people will pity him for his misfortune and thus this results into him weeping.

Phosphoric Acid: For this, homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy. It covers a wide range of conditions resulting from depression and anxiety like;

  • Mental debility first, which then results in physical.
  • Someone who has impaired memory
  • A person depressed as a result of grief and mental shock
  • A person who is weighed down with sadness and feelings of solitude
  • A person who is depressed and has apprehension making the chest too tight, including internal heat.
  • A person who gets discouraged when walking in the open air and the farther he walks, the more it increases. When at home, it decreases gradually.

Stramonium. This remedy also, falling under the category of homeopathy for depression and anxiety is basically for conditions like night terrors, dark thoughts, or even nightmares. Any individual with this type of situation is regularly scared of the dark, or they aren’t ready to be alone and are often frightened of monsters or mysterious figures. Their imaginations often lead to a terrifying type of anxiety.

These twelve remedies of homeopathy  depression and anxiety have been sufficient for many individuals and have found right help from their anxiety and depression. You can get the immense benefit too. But are there side effects that need to be watched on? Let’s see!

Does Homeopathy For Depression and Anxiety Have Side Effects?

The answer to this question lies in many factors. For instance, if homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedies is made rightly, they do not have molecules of the substances which they were made from. Or even if they would have, it would be at a meager rate.

In fact, in a situation whereby they are made of toxic substances, they are still being diluted so that they can be kept safe. While in some countries, Foods and Drugs Association (FDA) regulates the homeopathic substance, in the U.S. in particular, the FDA doesn’t take responsibility for monitoring it.

As at today, several companies are in charge of producing and selling some all the remedies highlighted above. Yet, the caution is that not all companies can be trusted with this. Therefore, when going out to buy a specific solution that will address your need, only buy from companies that are identified to have a good reputation and are trustworthy. Because, in particular, when homeopathy for depression and anxiety supplement isn’t adequately diluted and mixed. It can be fatal when consumed by anyone. 

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Therefore, for good reasons, it is highly advisable that you ensure you purchase from a reputable manufacturer, and before you make the attempt of purchasing, do not forget to speak with a certified and highly knowledgeable homeopathy doctor. And when you experience any strange side effects, do not hesitate to discontinue the usage and meet your doctor for advice on that.

To sum it up, always meet your homeopathy doctor before heading to use any supplement and before you use a particular manufacturer. It will save you from chronic effect, thus ensuring that your motive of using homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy well worth it.