It is unfortunate that the human genital papillomavirus, also known as HPV, is more widespread today. In the United States, for instance, human genital papillomavirus is recognized to be more prevalent than other forms of STDs. Adding to its prevalence is the fact that it can lead to genital warts. As if that isn’t enough, it can also lead to cancer too! Terrified? Relax! There are natural remedies that have been used in treating this condition. Using herbal remedies for HPV isn’t an exception too.

15 Herbal Remedies for HPV: (Natural Herbal Treatment for HPV)

Therefore, have the confidence that there are treatments if you or a family member has this infection! Yes, I am not just talking about some conventional drugs, I’m speaking of natural treatments that its potency is tested and trusted.

For quite a long time, natural treatments have been used in treating STDs, and this is because they contain antiviral properties. Honestly, there are several herbal remedies for HPV treatment, and this post is aimed at showing not just the available ones but the ones that are best for eliminating the virus, which can guarantee relief within a short time. But before I speak on those herbal remedies for HPV, I want to briefly explain what HPV is, symptoms, the causes, and some risk factors; the knowledge can aid how you treat the virus.

What HPV is, Causes, And Risk Factors

HPV is known as a group of highly infectious viruses that may be contacted from sexual activity via skin-to-skin intercourse. As at present, there are more than 100 types of HPV, and thirteen of these types are high- risk, telling that they are capable of causing cancer. Nevertheless, it should be understood that some dominant HPV strains wouldn’t result in several issues. HPV itself has been linked with cancers of the anus, penis, vulva, and vaginal. Among these 100 types, there are two types – 16 and 18, that can lead to 70% of cervical lesions and cervical cancers. And type 6 and 11 which will not lead to cancer, can lead to genital warts and respiratory papillomatosis.

How do you know you have HPV? If you have genital warts, common warts, plantar warts, flat warts, oral warts. Late signs of the disease include Trouble swallowing, a lump on the neck or in the cheek, coughing up blood, and ongoing hoarseness, numb tongues, constant earaches, red or white patch on the tonsils, sore throat, and unexpected weight loss.

Almost every sexually active individual will contract HPV at some point. Now the question is, how do you contact it? Through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Since HPV spreads via skin-to-skin contact, sexual intercourse isn’t the only way it can be contacted. For example, an infected mother can infect her newborn during the delivery process. But the risk of a sexually active person can be reduced by using either a condom or abstaining from sex.

With this knowledge, let’s examine about 15 different types of herbal remedies for HPV; this exhaustive list will give you several choices of local herbs in your neighborhood.

15 Herbal Remedies for HPV: (Natural Herbal Treatment for HPV)

Natural Herbal Remedies For HPV

The natural herbal remedies for HPV include:

  1. Goldenseal.  This goldenseal is one of the herbal remedies for HPV. There are two significant ways of applying the goldenseal to get rid of HPV. For example, the herb can be used as a tincture, which will be applied directly to genital warts. Alternatively, the goldenseal can be taken in the supplement form. This supplement is widely available either from herbalists who are trained or from reputable health stores. Goldenseal has for long being identified as an antiseptic, but the antiviral properties are those that make it so essential for home treatment of HPV.
  2. Astragalus. This herbal treatment is also recommended by trained herbalist as being competent to eliminate HPV; in fact, it is known to be directly linked to eliminating HPV. The reason is that it has several properties that are capable of combating the virus. It has antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Also, it includes the production of interleukin-2, which also has known antiviral properties. With these abundant properties, it has not even been reported to have severe side effects on those who are using it.
  3. Mushrooms. You might probably have known that mushrooms are so essential for treating virus infection. You might not know that it can be used in treating this condition and yet, you might not even know the ingredients that make mushrooms useful. There are several numbers of antiviral and antimicrobial properties that are present in the mushrooms that make it very essential for treating HPV. But how is it to be used? Add mushrooms to your diet! I’m sure you’d want to know and confirm the delight that comes from the delicious meal that will be combined with the fight of the virus in your body. What a heal!
  4. Garlic. You’ve likely heard from people how effective garlic is for the treatment of some conditions. And interestingly, it makes a remedy for HPV too. It is known as a natural treatment for HPV. Garlic has an active ingredient that is known as Allicin. This active ingredient is included in several antiviral activities. To use this, you can soak the garlic inside water in the evening and then let it get absorbed till the following morning and apply the infused water directly on genital warts. This is done to ensure quick effects.
  5. Oregano Oil. If this isn’t your first time of hearing of Oregano, this might be your first time of hearing that it is valid for the natural treatment of HPV. Oregano oil is filled with antiviral and antioxidant constituents that make it very efficient for the treating of HPV. Widely, the herb is available, and that means that getting it is within reach. For the use, you should dilute the oil slightly with water. However, it is imperative to understand that it can be an irritant on sensitive parts of the body, regardless of the ability to reduce warts and the antiviral properties.
  6. Calendula. If you are seeking for an inexpensive essential oil can easily be sourced, Calendula is perfect for you. This essential oil is also one of the less expensive oils and natural treatment for the treating of HPV condition. It is highly practical too for clearing up of skin conditions. These skin conditions that it treats include warts and inflammations that can step up from the result of HPV. The usage varies, but one of the most popular ways of applying this is by consuming it directly or using it as a suppository.
  7. Echinacea. Also, a famous antiviral herb, Echinacea, is essential and perfect for the treatment of HPV.  The reason for applying this is to ensure the boosting of the immune system and reducing the appearance of warts. To get this accomplished, make tinctures or teas from this herb. Additionally, numerous antioxidant compounds and phytosterols are present in the Echinacea, which will boost white blood cells and enhance the antiviral influence of the immune system. So irrespective of how you choose to use it, you can get the best out of it, and the virus can be gotten rid of.
  8. Tea Tree Oil. Just like some other herbal remedies for HPV, Tea tree oil is apparently a capable herb for treating HPV. For one, tea tree oil has a powerful antiviral component that can be applied directly to the infected area. Secondly, it can be used to boosts immunity in the body. Thirdly, it also increases the number of white blood cells, and it goes a long way to attack the HPV virus from two sides. With the continual application, you can experience real relief and enjoy less irritation on your skin as you use.
  9. Thuja Oil. While it can be validated that thuja oil isn’t famous, and it is not being recommended, recent research shows that it is a preferred remedy for some individual. And why can it be confident that it is effective? Firstly, it can seek out and neutralize infected cells and get rid of virus symptoms, which warts are one of them. Sadly, though, it seems like one of the reasons why it is often not recommended is because it can be irritating most, especially where the HPV attacks. To avoid that, you are advised to dilute the oil before you apply.
  10. Curcumin. This herbal remedy for HPV is also an easily sourced remedy that is inexpensive and famous. It is renowned because it has anticancer and antiviral properties. These properties though, are the critical ingredients in Curcumin. This is applied by adding the spice right inside your meals – morning and evening. This is done so that you can boost the strength of your immune system massively and protect your body from the adverse effect of HPV. It comes with no side effects, and when used, it can enhance your palate and make you enjoy the meal better.
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m convinced that this is not your first time of hearing the word apple cider. And it might be pleasing to know that just like a prescription of medications that uses the acid in treating warts, apple cider vinegar has a similar approach.  And amazingly, the use isn’t difficult. All it requires from you is first, dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and then gently rub it on affected areas. After the rubbing, you can then leave it overnight, and then you can rinse off the next day. You can repeat it as long as you desire.
  12. Castor Oil. The use of castor oil is simple and straightforward! It is one of the herbal remedies identified for HPV, which might not be easy for some people to work with because of its stickiness. But there are brilliant ways to apply it even with its stickiness. One is to rub castor oil by applying a cotton swab on the affected area and then tape the area with the crushed garlic. The application of crushed garlic is used to attain maximum effect which the combination of natural remedies often gives.
  13. Onions. One of the typical household ingredients and it’s not new to you. Interestingly it makes one of the natural herbal remedies for HPV. How do you use? Use a few slices, and then place them on the part where the warts are showing. Then you can use gauze and bandage to cover up. For faster results, drizzle salts on some onions and juice. The function of the onions is to acts as an antimicrobial agent, and to work as an antiseptic. For amazing results, you can use them continually. It can be like 3-4 times in a week.
  14. Aloe Vera. This is another inexpensive herbal remedy that can be applied to HPV. Also, Vera has in it, antioxidants and antivirus ingredients that make it an ideal remedy for HPV. The user doesn’t require a rigorous application. First, you will have to rub it generously on the area affected. What does that accomplish? It dissolves warts naturally. However, for comfort, you can use it in the evening and wash off the place in the morning. You can repeat it for like five times in a week. This will bring in quick results over time.
  15. Baking Soda. Making the last on the list of herbal remedies for HPV. This natural herbal remedy is used in combination with other constituent. And this is done to ensure that you attain maximum results. Baking soda is used alongside castor oil. The combination of this is to make a paste and then apply. After application, cover up the area where the paste is applied with a bandage. At wish, you can repeat the process as many times as you want. Over time, you will experience an immense relief for the pain, and then you would have eliminated the inflammation that might have resulted from the viral infection.
15 Herbal Remedies for HPV: (Natural Herbal Treatment for HPV)


With these exhaustive list of herbal remedies for Hpv, you can be sure that your condition  can be well managed. You can be certain that you’d get relieve in no time. Nevertheless, these herbs for Hpv treatment should be applied according to how it is been prescribed in this article for optimum result.


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