Homeopathy For Constipation (10 Best Treatment Medicines)

The application of homeopathy extends to helping individual treat constipation. Yes, homeopathy for constipation is now being researched everywhere around the world.

Although, many are willing to know if homeopathic remedies are only limited to acute cases of constipation. Well, it is comforting to know that it works not only for severe cases of constipation but for chronic cases as well. 

The effectiveness of homeopathic medicine aids in the practical improvement of bowel motility. In fact, to a very reasonable degree, it treats a severe condition like piles and anal fissures. Even when there is constipation in babies or toddlers, with the use of homeopathic medicine, you can be sure they will have immense relief.

Well, if you worry about side effects, it is healthy. But it could be helpful to understand that these homeopathic medicines are natural and safe from adverse effects. To acquire a deeper understanding of the remedies homeopathy for constipation is meant for, let’s examine 10 of the practicing homeopathic medicine.

10 Homeopathic Medicines For Constipation

  1. Nux Vomica: Being the first homeopathy for constipation medicine, it works best for ineffectual urging and insufficient stool. Presently, it is one of the most effective medication for constipation. If prescribed for a patient, it means that the patient passes only very few stool, and it comes frequently. This type of stool isn’t satisfactory or sufficient. Additionally, an individual who needs Nux Vomica, even after passing stool a few times during the day will never be comfortable or have the feeling that the stool is over. From this type of constipation, abdominal pain may come along with constipation. Thus prescribing Nux Vomica will not only treat the condition but will solve a person’s sedentary lifestyle, and when used for pile, it treats it effectively.
  2. Bryonia Alba:This is also an effective homeopathy for a stool that is dry, hard, and in lump form. Bryonia Alba as homeopathy for constipation remedy is also regarded as one of the best medicines for constipation. In this case, a person’s stool is dry appearing like its burnt, and when passed, it comes along with severe difficulty. For some patient, it might be noticed that they have abdominal distension. Interestingly, if headaches result from such condition, prescribing Bryonia Alba will be quite effective for such a situation.
  3. Alumina: Different from the other ones we’ve highlighted as homeopathy for constipation remedy, Alumina works for constipation that comes with no drives or urges to pass stool, not just for a single day, but for days. This homeopathic remedy is famous on the list of homeopathic medicines for constipation. When a person has difficulty in passing stool for days, the intestine would have accumulated large fecal matter. Also, another essential symptoms for prescribing Alumina is when there exists abnormal straining to pass stool even when the stool is soft. This particular remedy is efficient for infants, toddlers, children, and even elderly ones.
  4. Lycopodium Clavatum: If you’ve been wrestling flatulence and bloating, this remedy is the right spot for you! The function of Lycopodium Clavatum as homeopathy for constipation remedy is that it works best for elderly patients. Also, when these individuals are faced with irritable bowel syndrome, surgeons are sure going to apply these remedy effectively to solve the condition effectively.
  5. Silicea: In a situation where stool recedes after it has been partially expelled, Silicea works efficiently! The stool, in this case, is soft and demands a very high degree of straining before it finally comes out, and then it will recede into the rectum after the stool has been partially expelled. Also, there exist the constriction, sharp pain, and  burning at the anus would also occur. Also, constipation in women even before and during menses would demand the use of silica as homeopathy for constipation remedy
  6. Antimonium Crudum and Podophyllum Peltatum: Unlike the previously mentioned homeopathic medicines that are just a single remedy, these two prominent medicines are effectively prescribed for constipation, and it goes to treat soreness of rectum, mucus piles, and anal itching. The usefulness is highly known for alternating both constipation and diarrhea that exists in the elderly ones. Some uniqueness about this remedy is that it doesn’t only work for alternating diarrheas and constipation, but it also works for gurgling in bowels, clay-colored stool, highly offensive stool, greenish stool, or prolapse of the rectum with stool.
  7. Aesculus Hippocastanum and Collinsonia Canadensis: Another homeopathy for constipation remedy that comes in double folds is the Aesculus hippocastanum and Collinsonia canadensis. With constipation with piles, this is the most remarkable homeopathic medicine. When a person’s stool is knotty, dry, hard, and there exists a painful pile, this remedy is advised to be used. In this type of condition, there is a sensation for small sticks that are stuck in the rectum. If not attended to, the pain would likely worsen. Also, for either blind or bleeding pile, this remedy is beneficial and efficient. Moreover, this medicine also treats severe lower backache. Another good indicator that will suggest the use of this remedy are protruding piles with hard stool, itching or constriction at the anus and even during pregnancy this is a well prescribed  homeopathy for constipation. 
  8. Ratanhia and Nitric Acid: Wonder what medicine will work effectively for anal fissures with constipation, then look no further, Ratanhia and nitric acid is an effective remedy for such condition. These remedies are well recognized and are very effective even when there is burning pain and constriction at the anus while a person is passing stool. Burning, in this case, may progress and would continue hours after stool is passed. Before this drug is prescribed, as a remedy, a person may have to apply cold water to relieve the burning pains. Also, the use of Nitric acid is the right choice when bleeding and pains come alongside passing stool. The pain may either be tearing, stitching, and cutting in nature. But with the use of this remedy, all will be gone. 
  9. Natrum Mur: There are situations where stool is being passed on alternate days. Constipation may result from this, and fittingly, this homeopathy for constipation remedy is the call. Homeopathy doctors would prescribe this medicine when a patient battles with this type of constipation. The features that also prompt the prescription of this medicine is also the occurrence of constriction in the rectum, sharp burning or tearing pain found at the anus.
  10. Opium and Chelidonium Majus: Some constipation results from hard, dry stool in ball form. The use of this medicine comes inefficiently and treats this condition well. Also, this condition is effective for a person, who for long, have been using laxatives to pass stool – either sticky stool or hard stool. 


With no doubt, you have noticed the type of constipation you are battling with, and you have seen the corresponding homeopathy for constipation remedy that will work effectively for that condition. Assuredly, using these remedies will help relieve your condition both speedily and effectively. All you are required of is to visit a nearby homeopathic doctor who would confirm your symptoms conclusively and thus prescribed a fitting medicine for you.


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