Regardless of where you reside, the surge of Suicide has been a global concern to both young and old. And the menace has gained so much attention since the start of this year. The issue has been so tense that barely after the first quarter of the year, the world population review revealed a comprehensive report detailing the Suicide rate in over 160 countries. To one’s utter surprise, one of the top countries had an unprecedented peak of 31.9%; quite sad, huh? Definitely! In this post, we’ll discuss common homeopathy for depression and anxiety and discuss its potency.

However, though, one question bothers many. They often ask: “what would have been responsible for the skyrocketing increase in the Suicide rate recently? Well, in his work “six reasons people attempt Suicide, Alex Lickerman M.D, highlights depression and crying for help (what could have emerged from being anxious) as the reasons why many have contemplated Suicide and are willing to end it all.

Homeopathy for Depression and Anxiety (Does it Work?)

Undoubtedly, depression and anxiety are deeply rooted in today’s world. Some resort to the use of conventional medicine to help fight their battles, others, however, have insisted on using another form of therapy recognized as “homeopathic medicine.”

If you’ve known this before, you perhaps may have wondered if this form of medicine is considered safe and free of severe side effects. If you are new to this, no doubt, you’d be interested in understanding what homeopathic medications are all about.

This article wouldn’t only explain how homeopathy works; it will also highlight homeopathy for depression, homeopathy for anxiety, and clarify if there are side effects. To gain a lucid and more comprehensive detail about this natural therapy, get to know what Homeopathy is all about first.

What is Homeopathy?

In the final part of the 18th century, homeopathy was developed. The general idea of this therapy is that if something is the cause or reason for an ailment, that thing might also be the cure for the same illness.

To get that accomplished, many processes were involved. For example, some particular substances were diluted in water to give rise to the creation of homeopathic remedies in which some of them are toxic. Nevertheless, it should be noted that even though toxic, they are highly dissolved, also when placed under the microscopes, the levels are unrecognizable.

Generally, homeopathy is recognized as complementary medicine. And that is why it is highly valuable and useful as an alternative to natural treatment and for addressing some specific health condition. And gladly, anxiety and depression tend to be one of the health conditions that homeopathy is used in curing.

For over two centuries when this natural therapy has been in use, many have claimed to its powerful effect, as it has helped them in treating some of their conditions. The merits are high that if correctly and safely administered, it can be compelling.

Also, homeopathy is a medical system that is placed on a belief that the body has the power to cure itself. Some of the things used are plants, animals, and minerals. These are often believed to stimulate the healing process in humans.

This form of natural therapy is common in many European countries, yet in the United States, it isn’t an excellent treatment plan for folks with the condition.

For example, in treating allergies, in homeopathy, Red onions are being used, why? Because red onion makes one’s eyes watery. Besides, some treatments are made from crushed whole bees, white arsenic, poison ivy, and others.

When already prepared, doctors, popularly known as Homeopaths, dilute with either water or alcohol and then shake the mixture vigorously – a step called “potentization.” The idea behind this is that they believe that it transfers the healing essence.

Amazingly, it also believes that the lower the dose, the more influential the medicine would be. And in most cases, most of the remedies administered to patients do not have in them, the original substance. And they could come in several forms; these include tablets, liquid drops, sugar pellets – and many more.

Moreover, when booking an appointment with a homeopath, you will be asked several questions regarding your physical and mental health. After carefully considering your situation, he’ll go ahead to prescribe the remedy that fits and suits your conditions -symptoms. And finally, he’ll tailor the treatment for your clear understanding.

Most health food stores and drug stores have some of the over-the-counter homeopathic remedies and that you will be asked to buy. Noteworthy is that the dosage and quality is based on the manufacturers, therefore do not hesitate to ask your doctors before heading to buy one. But, since these are claims, you might be willing to know if it works. That leads us to the next subheading.

Does it Work?

There are several research results. And I can categorically say that the answer to this question is mixed. Take, for example, some research admits, and at least from the earlier points, you’d note that some claim that it works and are efficient for their condition. On the other hand, some feel that it doesn’t work at all. So undeniably, there are controversies about homeopathy, needless to talk about homeopathy for depression.

They say that the benefits people claim they get can be likened to the placebo effect – a situation where a person’s symptoms improve simply because he believes that the treatment is going to work for him and not because the pill or medicine is useful to work for the condition.  They further state that the placebo effect in this regard triggers the brain to discharge chemicals that will briefly relieve pain and several symptoms.

Till today, many doctors are splits apart on some of the theories that surround homeopathy. Some claims that it doesn’t fit in the principles of chemistry and physics. In backing up, scientists said that any medicine that has no active ingredient shouldn’t affect the body.

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Given this disparity that exists among health professionals, where can anyone who seeks to find a solution to some of their condition, say, tiredness, stress, sadness, and especially, those asking for homeopathy for depression, and homeopathy for anxiety turn to? The answer to this question isn’t a hard one to find! I’ll take you back to where we came from.

The only reason why we had to consider whether it works is to bring to your notice that not all doctors agree to that – yet that isn’t criteria to dismiss its potency. To be fully convinced, the next sub-heading will discuss homeopathy for depression and homeopathy for anxiety.

The following homeopathy for depression and Anxiety remedies will be listed along-side the system that will make a homeopathic doctor administer that remedy for an individual.

Homeopathy for Depression and Anxiety (Does it Work?)

Homeopathy For Depression And Anxiety Remedies

Arsenicum Album: This homeopathy for depression remedy is administered for people who are depressed as a result of incurable disease and infections. They may, as a result, feel anxious, fearful, filled with anguish, restlessness. It is also administered for those depressed as a result of;

  • Extreme anxiety, indescribable restlessness, and anxiety.
  • The dread of death coming on suddenly when left alone or end coming when going to bed.
  • Anxiousness and trembling of not being able to control himself from killing someone else with a knife

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy is administered for those;

  • Whose anxiety has made them walk rapidly?
  • Who couldn’t undertake anything for fear of not being successful? And feel affected both mentally and bodily.
  • Who feels irritated and anxious in the morning shortly after rising. And this is followed with immense nervousness and feeling of weakness.
  • Who has dullness of sense, void of thought, unable to think, inability to find soothing words for his ideas and thereby leads to stuttering on speech
  • Who couldn’t conceive idea with heart and having heat and fullness in the head
  • Who has a total loss of consciousness and weakness of memory
  • Who has a stupid feeling in the head when writing

Aurum Met: This is another valuable homeopathy for depression remedy. It works perfectly for those who have the suicidal disposition and a very high degree of responsibility. It goes beyond that, reaching those who;

  • Demand for solitude always
  • Have intense disgust for life and considering Suicide.
  • Would have good humor the whole day accompanied by talkativeness and self-satisfaction
  • Frequently weep
  • Always screams and howls; regularly imagine she’s irretrievably missing or lost.
  • Imagines that he doesn’t fit for this world, desires for death and fights for internal happiness.
  • Is dejected and melancholic
  • Is dissatisfied with nearly everything, he imagines obstacles everywhere. Some he attributes to adverse fate, others by himself resulting in a morbid depression
  • Tends to condemn himself all times; he doesn’t do anything right; it’s all wrong. Has the feeling that nothing will succeed.
  • Has the feeling that he needs to be blamed for not meeting up his duty. He has the impression that he is wholly evil, not worthy of salvation since he has sinned.
  • Has the desire to look at every dark side of everything. He regularly expects bad news and wants everything to go wrong

Calcarea Phos: This is homeopathy for depression that is administered primarily for children that are suffering from mental exertion and the fear of mental effort. Also, it is applied to children who;

  • Has stupid inefficiency and cretinism
  • Pens down wrong and incorrect words or writes repeated words twice.
  • Is forgetful and absent-minded; even he forgets what he did minutes ago.
  • Has difficulty in performing intellectual operations
  • Has a simple oversight of several things and has a distinct way of viewing things.

Gelsemium: This homeopathy for depression and anxiety is prescribed for those with anticipatory anxiety. It is also administered for those who are;

  • Irritable and Impatient.
  • Able to describe what is going within his or her surrounding and can accurately describe her symptoms
  • Having dullness of all mental faculties  
  • Are dull and stupid with an extreme aversion to studying.
  • Unable to think straight and have problem fixing the attention.
  • Unable to concentrate the mind, has an intoxicating and stupid feeling, and incoherent of thought.
  • Always throwing themselves on the floor and who thereafter become unconscious.
  • Are sometimes totally unconscious and unable to be awakened only after three hours.

Kali From: This homeopathy for depression and anxiety is sufficient for a family that is grieving the loss of a child. It is also efficient for those;

  • Depressed in their mind, which leads to weeping, wringing hands, moaning, and two hours after that he sleeps off and wakes up eight hours after, feeling sane and beautiful.
  • Anxiety, confusion, and Listlessness.
  • Unable to concentrate thoughts and slow perception
  • Having suicidal mania accompanied by numb feeling in the head, and those that feel like he’s going to lose his reasons.
  • Having a loss of memory, where words and syllables are forgotten and omitted.

Kali Phos: This first homeopathy for depression and anxiety deals with the mind. These include those;

  • Very nervous and are easily irritable
  • Having fear and nervous dread after overworking
  • Having sadness and anxiety that is related to physical complaints.
  • Disciplined to converse
  • Who has anxiety for no defined cause These are also with nervous dread and always look at the dark side of everything
  • Shy and often withdraw from conversations
  • Who dwells on the effects of fright.
  • Who has after effect of grief
  • Who has a loss of memory, often omits letter in writings and has the confusion of ideas.

Lycopodium: This remedy among the entire homeopathy for depression and anxiety works well for melancholic behavior. It is used in addressing;

  • Melancholy; sad thoughts and extreme loss of feelings self.
  • Intensely melancholy and depressed, having a joyless mood.
  • A person who has depression of spirits
  • An individual that has anxiety on waking after midnight and is unable to get her breath, and struggles for that for over two hours.
  • She gets anxious immediately when people surround her.
  • He is exceedingly anxious with no positive thought that is racing through his mind.

Medorrhinum: This is an effective homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy that also works for the mind.  It is also used for ailments that are a result of gonorrhea or history of family gonorrhea. It is also used for;

  • Those with weak memory
  • Unable to carry on with conversations
  • Those with the inability to speak unless they weep
  • Those who allow time to pass off slowly.
  • Those who are always in a great hurry
  • Those who are nervous.
  • Those who completely forget things that have once been read, including the previous line
  • Those who have disability remembering people’s name
  • They have momentary loss of thoughts which could be caused by the sensation of tightness occurring in the brain.

Natrum Mur: Apart from the previously mentioned remedies, this homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy is exclusively meant for adverse effects of chronic grief, which couldn’t be expressed to others. It can also be applied to a very melancholy person with a subdued spirit. They have sudden yet short attacks of melancholy. It is also meant for those who from mere looks of people’s face, he quickly concludes that those people will pity him for his misfortune and thus this results into him weeping.

Phosphoric Acid: For this, homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy. It covers a wide range of conditions resulting from depression and anxiety like;

  • Mental debility first, which then results in physical.
  • Someone who has impaired memory
  • A person depressed as a result of grief and mental shock
  • A person who is weighed down with sadness and feelings of solitude
  • A person who is depressed and has apprehension making the chest too tight, including internal heat.
  • A person who gets discouraged when walking in the open air and the farther he walks, the more it increases. When at home, it decreases gradually.

Stramonium. This remedy also, falling under the category of homeopathy for depression and anxiety is basically for conditions like night terrors, dark thoughts, or even nightmares. Any individual with this type of situation is regularly scared of the dark, or they aren’t ready to be alone and are often frightened of monsters or mysterious figures. Their imaginations often lead to a terrifying type of anxiety.

These twelve remedies of homeopathy  depression and anxiety have been sufficient for many individuals and have found right help from their anxiety and depression. You can get the immense benefit too. But are there side effects that need to be watched on? Let’s see!

Does Homeopathy For Depression and Anxiety Have Side Effects?

The answer to this question lies in many factors. For instance, if homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedies is made rightly, they do not have molecules of the substances which they were made from. Or even if they would have, it would be at a meager rate.

In fact, in a situation whereby they are made of toxic substances, they are still being diluted so that they can be kept safe. While in some countries, Foods and Drugs Association (FDA) regulates the homeopathic substance, in the U.S. in particular, the FDA doesn’t take responsibility for monitoring it.

As at today, several companies are in charge of producing and selling some all the remedies highlighted above. Yet, the caution is that not all companies can be trusted with this. Therefore, when going out to buy a specific solution that will address your need, only buy from companies that are identified to have a good reputation and are trustworthy. Because, in particular, when homeopathy for depression and anxiety supplement isn’t adequately diluted and mixed. It can be fatal when consumed by anyone. 

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Therefore, for good reasons, it is highly advisable that you ensure you purchase from a reputable manufacturer, and before you make the attempt of purchasing, do not forget to speak with a certified and highly knowledgeable homeopathy doctor. And when you experience any strange side effects, do not hesitate to discontinue the usage and meet your doctor for advice on that.

To sum it up, always meet your homeopathy doctor before heading to use any supplement and before you use a particular manufacturer. It will save you from chronic effect, thus ensuring that your motive of using homeopathy for depression and anxiety remedy well worth it.


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