Most people today spend a whole of money in battling high blood pressure. Fact is, conventional medication works, but if you are in quest for hypertension remedies, you are set for one of the best deals. What deal might you wonder? It’s homeopathy for high blood pressure!

It is one of the newest and reliable hypertension remedies today. If you are curious to know how, then, this article is made for you. It is going to explain explicitly how homeopathy for high blood pressure works and some of the homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy For High Blood Pressure - (10 Effective Homeopathic Remedies)

Further, you can trust these homeopathy remedies because those that will gain our mention are those that have been tried and tested in fighting hypertension. Also, they come with no side effects and prevent subsequent complications.

As a result of that, you can trust the treatment alternatives that will be featured. Below are some of the essential remedies that you can opt-in. It should also be noted that each remedy is used in addressing some particular symptoms and complications. 

Homeopathic Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Homeopathy For High Blood Pressure - (10 Effective Homeopathic Remedies)

1. Belladonna. One of the practical and reliable homeopathic medicine for those who are suffering from high blood pressure that comes alongside severe or mild headache is Belladonna.

The pain from this type of condition might arise from the temporal region and those who often complain of a throbbing sensation, which will then lead to the reddening of the person’s face.

Also, the pain might be initiated from the heat or immediate jerk in the person’s head. In this type of situation, too, vertigo is very common. But what does Belladonna do? It assists in bringing down the pressure and halting the occurrence of the consistent headache.

2. Glonoine. This is another fantastic homeopathic medicine that works effectively for those whose face tends to turn red as blood gets clotted in the front and the head. This type of people also suffers from regular headaches with throbbing sensation.

It is common for patients of this condition to feel lethargic often and get easily irritated with the smallest level of opposition. Patients of this such find it difficult to cope with any heat around the head area for a patient of this type. In this type of hypertension, just exposure to sunlight can trigger the pain.

3. Nux Vomica. This hypertension remedy is prescribed for male folks alone. Those male are often aggressive, nervous, have difficulty with agility, and are easily irritated and many other negative emotions.

Additionally, the prescription can also be extended to those whose hypertensive condition emanated from excessive consumption of alcohol, spicy food, and caffeine. Patients like this have their trouble times in the morning. It is tagged one of their worst nightmares.

Their symptoms get elevated during this period too. The effectiveness of this remedy is because it can successfully subside high blood pressure and regulate the symptoms highlighted above.

4. Natrum Mur. If your high blood pressure is as a result of excessive consumption of  salt, then, this remedy is the best for you. People of this such have a diverse and different type of eating pattern.

It is unique and different from other kind of people. Their cravings are only based on fried food, pickles, and other types of food. Furthermore, patients of this such often get and experience dry mouth, which in turn will lead to thrust.

Another common symptom of these individuals is the asymmetric coat of the tongue. As a result, patients suffering from those mentioned above will have to undergo a Natrum Mur remedy, which is best for their condition.

5. Lachesis 200. This is another incredible homeopathy for high blood pressure that is prescribed during menopause. This remedy can also be given when there is an identified restlessness physically alongside mental issue as well.

Another reason why this is prescribed for patients is when they are wrestling with discomfort when they are wearing closed collar clothes or tight necklaces. In fact, with this type of people, tight clothes are unbearable.

Thus they only feel better when they loosen the uncomfortable garments, or they might feel better when they release or relax their belt or wear loose clothing. Therefore, either a woman is in her menopausal age or post-menopause, as long as she has these symptoms above, this is better prescribed for her.

6. Amyl Nitrosum 30. Another homeopathy for high blood pressure is amyl Nitrosum, which is highly effective for hypertension with breathlessness. This type of hypertension is linked with a chocking and constrictive feeling that is experienced around the chest.

Those with this situation undergo shortness of breath and intense heaviness in their chest region. Moreover, these persons might have anxiety when bad things suddenly happen.

Appropriately, Amyl Nitrosum 30 may be given where there occurs a hot sensation in the body and redness of the face when pulsation is felt all over the body, which includes the ear. And all symptoms will come with immediate and profuse sweating.

More Homeopathy for High Blood Pressure

7. Allium Sativa-Q. This is another fantastic, excellent remedy for high blood pressure. This particular remedy for high blood pressure is efficient for those with associated high cholesterol level.

This homeopathy for high blood pressure also fits for an individual that is fleshy and fat. This individual may prefer to be a vegetarian. The symptoms of high pressure may include heaviness in the head, and dullness, which will affect the general body.

In some cases, there might be a chronic headache in the temples. Also, patients that have difficulty with this situation may also experience heat flashes in the body and would come and go abruptly.

8. Aurum Met 30. This is an incredible homeopathy for high blood pressure. It works perfectly for those with low pulse pressure. In this type of situation, the individual is irritated and disgusted with life.

They are often depressed, and often time they give suicidal thoughts. However, that thought isn’t followed up because such individual is scared about death and wouldn’t want to die.

9. Thuja Occidentalis 10M. This is a remedy that is aptly prescribed for patients that have a personal or parental history of coronary thrombosis. This type of condition is associated with the weak arterial wall.

10. Viscum ALB 30. This last remedy of homeopathy for high blood pressure is the Viscum alb 30 that is correctly prescribed for those whose systolic blood pressure is high, and their diastolic is low. 


There you go with 10 unique homeopathy for high blood pressure! I’m sure as you were reading, you’d have been able to figure out which remedy is perfect for your high blood pressure condition.

What next is for you to consult a homeopathic doctor that will effectively treat your situation using the most appropriate remedy for your different complaint. Assuredly, you will experience immense relief and exceptional comfort.

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